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Presence of Malice

Too many people offer excuses of incompetence and immaturity with reference to the current POTUS. Vanderleun identifies the true source of our trouble: “At the same time, I acknowledge that there are conspiracies in the world. By extension, the most successful … Continue reading

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Matricula Consular Identification Card Hearings

The Judicial Subcommittee A held a hearing on March 23 concerning HB 33. I saved the best video for last. David DeGerolamo Distinguished guest addresses the judicial subcommittee A:

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Did Reconstruction End in 1877 ?

Not if Soros gets his way ! I remarked recently that I was having difficulty keeping up with all the events scheduled by activists aligned with progressivism, socialism and communism.  A few of the many examples:   Organized Left Plans Massive Rally … Continue reading

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Still in love with all the Republicans you sent to DC ?

A good summary of the state of affairs in Washington: “Beyond that, the Congressman reported that he’s even heard Speaker Boehner speak derogatorily of the tea party behind closed doors. I’m not surprised. I have often said the Republican elite … Continue reading

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Radiation Poisoning vs. Global Warming

It has always bothered me that we give radiation treatment for cancer cures yet are told radiation exposure will kill us. Ann Coulter wrote a column last week that put things in perspective. So I went on a research tour. … Continue reading

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You Can’t Make This Up

Deborah Ross is an attorney and representative in the NC General Assembly who should choose her words more carefully. Since when it is discrimination to enforce the laws of the federal government? She is more concerned with the rights of … Continue reading

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What Are SEIU Plans for North Carolina: Revolution”>httpv://

Glenn Beck released the audio of a former (or current) high level SEIU employee Michael Lerner outlining a plan to collapse our stock market and JP Morgan Chase Bank. In North Carolina, SEIU has taken control of our state workers’ association … Continue reading

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Budget Deficits and now another War

A twelve trillion plus deficit and now another war which doesn’t directly affect our national security may not only prolong our oil energy dependency but promises to deepen the deficit beyond that which our children can pay.  If Gadhafi is … Continue reading

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Nuclear Madness or Is It Just Hype?

My heart hurts thinking of the thousands stranded in the snow possibly drenched by radiation caused by an earthquake which was flooded by a tsunami devastating nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan’s  Dai-ichi facility.   Largely isolated initially from work on … Continue reading

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Will You Fight or Destroy Your Country?”>httpv://

Glenn Beck played an audio from a coalition meeting to destroy US Capitalism, collapse the stock market and bankrupt JP Morgan bank. httpv://

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David Price on Oil Drilling and Audit the Fed”>httpv://

David Price (D) is North Carolina’s representative in the U.S. House for the fourth district. Mr. Price has no knowledge of legislation for auditing the Federal Reserve which over 23% of his colleagues have co-sponsored. Mr. Price’s comments concerning the … Continue reading

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Jason Voluntarius Puts David Price Into Perspective”>httpv://

David Price held a town hall meeting in Holly Springs, NC on March 21, 2011. I don’t think he will forget Jason Voluntarius from North Carolina State University as shown in the following video: httpv:// David DeGerolamo

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What Are You Waiting For?

T.L.Davis writes with great frustration: “Now, I am not calling anyone out here. I am not trying to challenge anyone’s patriotism, or dedication to a constitutional republic, but if you have not found your moment of action, yet, then when? … Continue reading

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Glen Bradley Makes the Drudge Report”>httpv://

The News & Observer’s article on Glen Bradley new legislation concerning gold and silver currency is currently on RALEIGH — Cautioning that the federal dollars in your wallet could soon be little more than green paper backed by broken … Continue reading

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Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish

I have found that turning points in my life do not happen based on one incident. Usually I have several “coincidences” reinforce this change so that I recognize its significance. Today in church, the sermon covered Proverbs 29:18: Where there … Continue reading

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