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Understand the Scam … a letter to “Dagney”

David posted several good articles today and “Dagney” raised an excellent question in response to “Whoever has the Most Gold Wins”. Dagney asked: “What does it mean in lay man’s terms please?”  Let’s answer Dagney’s question by looking at purchases a … Continue reading

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Almost $1 Billion to Close Banks by the FDIC

The following information comes from the FDIC’s site for the week closing April 29th. The total loss to the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) and loss-share tranactions is $964.50 million. Information for Community Central Bank, Mount Clemens, MI The FDIC estimates that … Continue reading

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You Just Lost 3.7% of Your Savings in April

The US dollar index on (DXY:IND) compares the value of our Federal Reserve Notes against a basket of other world currencies. As the value of our dollar declines through redistribution and the unchecked policies of the Federal Reserve, the … Continue reading

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Whoever Has the Most Gold, Wins

The price of gold is currently $1558.30 $1562.40 $1565.70 – up $22.50  $26.40 $29.90 today and the 14th record set in April. The major factor for this increase is not the decline in the value of the dollar but the demand across … Continue reading

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Interventionism and the Death Rattle of Free Markets

Today … an editorial in the Wall Street Journal: “… President Obama and his union-beholden appointees at the National Labor Relations Board, … have asked the courts to intervene and force Boeing to stop production in South Carolina. The NLRB wants Boeing … Continue reading

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Because We Are Not A Muslim Nation

The following editorial from the Charlotte News & Observer attacks North Carolina Reps. George Cleveland and Ric Killian for introducing HB 640. This legislation is  “AN ACT TO PROTECT RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES GRANTED UNDER THE NORTH CAROLINA AND UNITED STATES … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Superman has renounced his US citizenship and his fight for the American way has now become a fight for the New World Order. I suppose that we will have to spend $5.99 to find out what is “enough anymore” for Superman. … Continue reading

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Birther Credibility

The post from Hans showing a video (which has now been removed from YouTube) detailing the layers in the PDF of Obama’s birth certificate made me investigate this matter a little further. Two questions were immediately raised in my mind: Could the administration … Continue reading

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I Post – You Decide″>httpv://

Wow … looks like the long-awaited birth certificate. But wait, lookee heeeere … httpv:// One of two possibilities: Either the YouTube analysis is bogus, or the birth certificate is a forgery. What is the criminal penalty for forgery ? UPDATE: “A … Continue reading

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That’s All Folks”>httpv://

The Federal Reserve Note that represents the United States’ paper currency is collapsing. It is ironic that the Federal Reserve, a private banking corporation, should control the treasury of the United States but most people think that the Fed is … Continue reading

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State Retirement Crisis

The article below details the growing disparity between promised state retirement promises and their actual funding. North Carolina shares in this fiscal crisis and there are only three ways to proceed: Cut benefits and retirement for state workers. Raise taxes … Continue reading

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Young adults often wonder what their rights are in the public school system with respect to religion. On the one hand there is the First Amendment right to religion itself (free exercise and the freedom from being forced to belong … Continue reading

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Point of No Return?

My article concerning the end of the Constitution seems to be causing some controversy. Although I have responded to comments, I would like to make a few points: 1. The executive and legislative branches are out of control and the … Continue reading

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National Suicide ? … or just progressive energy policy ?

And under his policy, energy prices would NECESSARILY skyrocket … Explained in the excerpt below, air permits for Alaska oil exploration were denied because the estimated effect would bring one small town “close to air quality standards” … not in violation … … Continue reading

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The Constitution Is Dead: Long Live the King”>httpv://

The Supreme Court of the United States has put the final nail in the coffin for the Constitution. The justices declined to rule on whether the president’s health care legislation is legal under the Constitution. This one ruling would have … Continue reading

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