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NEW YEAR’S EVE HORS DOEUVRES POSTED BY ANN BARNHARDT – DECEMBER 31, AD 2012 4:54 PM MST 1. I release both myself and everyone else from the expectation of correct spelling of any French word with three or more consecutive … Continue reading

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US To Officially Go Over The Fiscal Cliff

As we forecast back in November, it is now official that the House will not vote on any deal out of the Senate, assuming there is one which there won’t be of course, later today, which means America will officially slide off the Fiscal Cliff. And … Continue reading

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Ballistic panels to protect your home

From YouTube: Panels are made in Waco Texas by Armorcore ( They make bullet resistant fiberglass panels for many uses. An improvised use would be ballistic panels to protect humans if regular armor plates are not available. The company does … Continue reading

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Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms

An excerpt from the Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms: Parliament adopted an insidious maneuver calculated to divide us, to establish a perpetual auction of taxations where colony should bid against colony, all of them uninformed … Continue reading

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Logic and Reason vs. Emotion

It’s terribly frustrating to live in America today. Gone are the days when character counted, when honor was esteemed, when truth was venerated. Today we allow the media to play with our consciousness. We have surrendered our free will to … Continue reading

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Failed Syria envoy Brahimi’s mission brings chemical war closer

The Syrian crisis unbelievably took another turn for the worse Saturday, Dec. 29: After making no headway with Bashar Assad in Damascus, the UN-Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi was told in no uncertain terms by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov … Continue reading

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Obama – Something Fundamental in America Has to Change

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What Would You Pay for a 30 Round Magazine?

Click here to view a larger image Mag AR-15 Colt Factory GI Issued M16 30 Round 35 Customer Reviews Our Low Price: $99.97 Manufacturer: COLT Item: MAG-068Factory Colt AR-15 Magazine, 30 round .223 Rem / 5.56 NATO magazine. Fully operable, but may … Continue reading

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Congress Is Like a Bunch of Drug Addicts Looking for Another Fix – Ron Paul

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Federal US District Court Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. has dismissed the class-action litigation suit brought against JP Morgan (and originally HSBC) regarding silver market-rigging.  Judge Patterson cited lack of specifics and claims of bad intent necessary to bring the suit to trial. … Continue reading

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Government Dependents Outnumber Those With Private Sector Jobs In 11 U.S. States

America is rapidly becoming a nation of takers.  An increasing number of Americans expect the government to take care of them from the cradle to the grave, and they expect the government to dig into the pockets of others in … Continue reading

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Human powered generator

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Cooking bread on top of your wood stove.

From YouTube: Using a cast iron pot to make a poor man’s oven. If you have a lid for the pot you can place the pot bottom down and use the lid as the top of oven. Peasant Bread 4 … Continue reading

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Maria Bartiromo to Democratic Senator: ‘Are You Guys Just Incompetent, Or What?’

From YouTube: Maria Bartiromo challenges Maryland Democratic Senator Ben Cardin to offer specifics on what spending cuts he would be willing to support, accusing both sides of talking generally about a “balanced approach” but failing to reach an agreement to … Continue reading

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Did the Market Collapse Start?

See additional comments on Tea Party Nation. The stock market was down 158.20 yesterday (December 28th): the fifth straight day of losses. There are two very important facts concerning the stock market shown below in two charts below from … Continue reading

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