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Surprise: Right After The Election, New Home Sales Tumble From Downward Revised Two Year High

There are those who may be surprised that last month’s number of Seasonally Adjusted New Home Sales, which was then reported at 389K, and which number hit the airwaves days before the Obama reelection, was the highest since April 2010. We are … Continue reading

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The Citizens Constitutional Caucus is a non-partisan board of patriots who convene to support constitutional legislation on behalf of “We The People.” Already a number of liberty-minded organizations have officially endorsed the Citizens Constitutional Caucus. And there are a number of … Continue reading

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The Gaza Operation: Less a War than an Anti-Iran Coup

The eight-day Gaza duel between Israel and Hamas was the showcase.  Behind it, a coup went forward, masterminded by at least three intelligence wizards: Israel’s Mossad Direct Tamir Pardo, Turkish National Intelligence Organization – MIT chief, Hakan Fidan and the … Continue reading

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This Is the Right to Free Speech in a True Democracy

Our forefathers understood that Democracy was mob rule. Here is another example of Democracy in action previously supported by president Obama. The people involved in the production of a film depicting Mohammed in a negative light have been sentenced to … Continue reading

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Several immutable Gold Rules appear to be self-evident and powerfully manifested in the modern world of banker corruption, financial market intervention, currency debasement, phony accounting, and economic deterioration, all amidst powerful incessant media propaganda, against a backdrop of endless war. … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck’s Shocking Piece of Art


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Benghazi explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider” – Doug Hagmann

This is part one of a multi-part interview with a government insider intimately familiar with the events that took place in Benghazi. In this part, he provides important background, and explains this administration is engaged in a massive cover-up. DH: It’s been … Continue reading

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Who Are We? The First Step to Building Tribe

There has been much discussion about a course of action now that the elections are over. But in reality, these discussions have been ongoing for several years. The problem we face is simple: we have built our foundation on sand … Continue reading

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US-led NATO intervention begins in Syria war. Patriots in Turkey

Tuesday, Nov. 27, the Middle East military spotlight swung around from Gaza to the Syrian war with steps for the start of US and NATO intervention in that conflict. Without spelling this out, a game changer began unfolding when a … Continue reading

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An Austrian banking source has reportedly claimed that Deutsche Bank ‘fulfilled’ one gold repatriation in recent years with the help of Tungsten and further claims that the tungsten salted gold bars have turned up in Asia. In 2009, Rob Kirby first uncovered detailed information … Continue reading

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Ben Swann: “No Country Would Tolerate Missiles From Outside

From YouTube: Ben Swann takes a look at the statement last week by President Obama that “No country would tolerate missiles being fired from outside their borders”. We compare the numbers on U.S drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan.

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Syrian rebels destroy Assad’s radar station facing Israel

In a resounding blow to the combat capabilities of Bashar Assad’s army against external enemies, Syrian rebels destroyed their most important electronic warning radar station facing Israel – M-1 – Monday, Nov. 26, DEBKAfile reports exclusively from its military sources. This Russian-built station … Continue reading

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LIVE Webcast: “Debunking Patriot Myths”]

It’s hard to go after the truth when you’re chasing fairy tales. Hosts John Ainsworth and Cliff Muncy of America’s Remedy will be presenting a two-part LIVE, online webcast series starting this Thursday 11.29.12 @ 7PM. We’ll debunk several myths … Continue reading

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Obama: Messiah, Anti-Christ or Narcissist

If you were president of the United States and someone made the above statement, what would be your response? Silence in the face of evil is itself evil, God will not hold us guiltless. Dietrich Bonhoeffer Let us hope that … Continue reading

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Ryan Croft on Doomsday Preppers

Ryan Croft from Asheville, NC will be on Doomsday Preppers on December 11th. More Ryan Croft videos: Ryan Croft – Safety and Preparedness Videos

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