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I Have Been Accused of Five

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I vote NEITHER … serve ’em up with gravy …

Which turkey should President Trump pardon in this year’s National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardoning Ceremony?*   A Drumstick                                         … AKA McConnell   B Wishbone                                           … AKA Ryan

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The Friendly Faces of Fascism, by Robert Gore

Like flies drawn to steaming manure, tycoons are drawn to politics and government, all in the interests of a better world, of course. There are two modes of human interaction: voluntary and involuntary. The symbol of the former is the … Continue reading

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Many Good Questions but No Good Answers
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Practical Efficiency and the Death of the US

Today, we see that justice is completely coopted by politics, a condition no republic can tolerate, but that is very apparent, even necessary, in a democracy. Is this why the leftists continue to insist that America is a “democracy?” It … Continue reading

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A Facebook Thread on the Judiciary

William M. Nix The judiciary is quietly being changed. That is great for the future. David DeGerolamo The judiciary will never recover from Marbury v. Madison. Too bad Jefferson was not present for writing the Constitution. He would have been able to … Continue reading

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If This Is True, There Is Hope

What I know is that there are over 1000 sealed indictments pending in the US justice system. I also know that the corruption, immorality and tyranny running rampant in the halls of all government in this country have destroyed us. … Continue reading

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Sandra Solomon on the Koran as hate literature
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Reveille in America

First Call, Americans. Out of your bunks. For a good portion of you out there, a year ago you went to sleep. That attitude driven by a very real fear of government out of control over eight years produced diamonds. … Continue reading

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T.L. Davis: The Dangerous Lies of Omission

What are lies of omission? A lie of omission took place during the Uranium One deal forged with the Russian nuclear energy agency Rosatom, to access 20% of America’s uranium production. It was the responsibility of the FBI to investigate … Continue reading

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Foreshadowing How to Drain the Swamp?

Update.. 842 sealed indictments in 24 districts from 10/30 through 11/10. There are 94 district courts in the U. S…. I have not searched them all. — StormWatcher 🌪 🐇 🇺🇸 ✝ (@damartin32) November 12, 2017 The mathematical … Continue reading

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Israel on high alert, deploys Iron Dome batteries against missile attack

Israel remained on high alert Tuesday, Nov. 14, after deploying Iron Dome batteries in the center of the country as well as the south, against threatened Jihad Islami and Hamas missile attacks on towns in southern and central Israel. Jihad … Continue reading

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The Kids Are Not Alright, by Robert Gore

Debt initially dazzles and deceives, then it disappoints, disillusions, devastates, and destroys. The thing governments do best is borrow. Performance varies across the range of their purported functions—warfare, maintenance of public order, provision of goods and services, redistribution, regulation—but they … Continue reading

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Right Angle – Insane Liberal Rage at Guns and Religion
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Plague Epidemic, Rand Paul, Texas Shooting ,and AI
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