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CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3
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Al Franken Is Begging for a Democrat Fundraising

Before our end-of-quarter deadline tomorrow, pitch in $3 or more to help elect Democrats all across the country. DONATE We have a huge fundraising deadline coming up in less than 36 hours, so if you don’t have time to read … Continue reading

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METT-TC Course

METT-TC Defined: Initialism of mission, enemy, terrain, troops available, time, and civilian considerations. A mnemonic used by the United States military to help commanders remember and prioritize what to analyze during the planning phase of any operation. Dan Morgan will … Continue reading

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Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang Style Tai Chi, Beginners Lucy DeGerolamo – Instructor 6:30 pm – 7:15 pm Session I: July 12-Aug 30 (no class August 23) Session II: Sept 6-Oct 18 Tai Chi (taiji) is an ancient martial art that is practiced for … Continue reading

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American Pravda: CNN
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(Un)Locked & Loaded

You will find more statistics at Statista An additional 17 percent said this is the case most of the time, while a minority 33 percent said that this never happens. The Pew poll also showed that for 67 percent of … Continue reading

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A Jubilee is Coming, by Robert Gore

The greatest debt expansion in history draws to a close. Conventionally measured economic growth is related to two aspects of debt: its growth rate and its marginal effectiveness. In terms of economic growth, debt should be thought of as a … Continue reading

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Breaking the Alternative Media’s Dependence on the Mainstream Media, by Robert Gore

In the 1930s, when the federal government decreed that the airwaves were public property and frequencies must be licensed, objectivity in radio and television were grounded before they ever took flight. A broadcaster operating at the government’s sufferance cannot be … Continue reading

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Power Does Not Necessarily Reside in Presently Elected Officials

The current conflict between the elected government and the “Deep State” is open for debate. Whether the Deep State is real or an illusion, power is not wielded by elected officials. Look at the goals in place across Western civilization, … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Star Spangled Banner

  An early version of the “Star Spangled Banner” by Francis Scott Key, written in 1805 amid the routing of the Barbary states, offered a view of Islam markedly different from Obama’s uplifting sentiments in Cairo: In conflict resistless each … Continue reading

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Threats & Solutions

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California finally did something right…

California has increased their employee ban to include eight states. North Carolina was one of the original states that was banned for discrimination. David DeGerolamo California’s banned travel list California is restricting publicly funded travel to four more states because … Continue reading

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The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda

By Brandon Smith Conservatives are also now willing to argue in favor of the election system, because many of them think that because Donald Trump “won” the system must be at least partially legitimate. News Flash: Our election system has … Continue reading

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A Call to Thrive, Not Just Survive

In “A Call to Thrive, Not Just Survive”, at the May 6, 2017 annual Prepper Festival in New Castle, Virginia, John Ainsworth challenges conservative Americans to move beyond their own invisible ‘block wall’ of doubts, to rediscover untold American history, … Continue reading

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Was the Civil War Unconstitutional?

“The Constitution says treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against the states. How are you going to pit one state against another state? How do you fight someone and try to kill them and destroy … Continue reading

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