About NC Renegade.com

NC Renegade presents commentary concerning issues affecting North Carolina. We have a policy of being “morally correct” when a controversial issue is presented. Comments are always welcome but we reserve the right to use our discretion on the validity of the comment’s intent. Comments which are intended to incite or provoke readers will not be posted.

Any posts on NCRenegade.com can be reposted on another site under the following conditions:

  1. No changes to the original content are made.
  2. A reference to the original article on NCRenegade.com is included.

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NC Renegade receives tips and information from various sources. Some of these sources do not want their name associated with the article. In the past, I have been posting these anonymous articles under my account. It has been brought to my attention that this practice makes it appear that I endorse the viewpoint in the article since my name is listed as the author. As of 11/25/2012, these articles will be posted under an “anonymous” account.