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According to the Department of Defense the purpose of a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) counterintelligence collection is to detect espionage, sabotage, terrorism, and related hostile intelligence activities to “deter, [to] neutralize, or [to] exploit them.” What we know. 1. … Continue reading

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Two Americas

President wannabe John Edwards once said “There are two Americas” and indeed there are but not as defined by Edwards. Trump did not cause the deep division in the two Americas – the gulf between the conservative and liberal mindsets … Continue reading

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McCarron-Walter Act

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1952, a.k.a. the McCarron-Walter Act was passed to restrict the blanket immigration of certain individuals who, because of communist affiliation of other undesirable qualities, would be excluded from entry into the United States. … Continue reading

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Enemy within the gates

Recently we awoke to discover a radical Islamist had killed at least forty-nine more American citizens. Around noon our president informed us that it was a terror attack but again refused to link it with Islam even though the killer … Continue reading

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Our problems

Almost without exception the United States’ problems were caused by politicians who either sat on their thumbs doing nothing when action was needed or enacted some inane law in order to placate some minority group. Then these same folks seek … Continue reading

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Kissing black’s posteriors matters

Certainly black lives matter, as does all human life, but to hear the pandering Democrats who are tying themselves in knots in the effort to plant the most kisses on the posteriors of black notables – one would be hard … Continue reading

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Entitlement – the belief that one inherently deserves privileges or special treatment. When considering this definition – one can almost see Hillary Clinton’s photo under the description. And considering she has chosen to endure husband Bill’s philandering for many years … Continue reading

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Trump’s trump card

Those of us who watch cable news are under a constant barrage of people opining as to whether Donald Trump will get the magic 1,237 delegates that he needs by the time that the Republican convention convenes. He currently has … Continue reading

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Four possibilities

All the media attention and the pundit’s commentary seem to be centered on the rift between Trump and the Republican establishment. While this may be a problem, it might pale in comparison to what could possibly happen if Trump and … Continue reading

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Mad as hell

Having lived on this earth and the United States for some seventy-two years, I am frustrated and saddened when I look at the state of my country and government. When all the federal income taxes that I have paid during … Continue reading

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Reaping what we sow

The surprise of the 2016 primary election cycle isn’t that a serial liar may be replaced in the White House by a serial liar who sits down to pee, but that America is on the verge of reaping what we … Continue reading

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They still don’t get it

To hear the establishment Republicans rail about Trump one would believe that he is merely a spring storm which will pass in time – I don’t think so. The same senators and congressmen that control the system and have been … Continue reading

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The Iowa caucus

Well the Iowa caucus is now history and we learned a few things about the candidates and something about the caucus process along the way. On the Republican side the pollsters were wrong and on the Democrat side they were … Continue reading

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Feel the Bern

Senator Bernie Sanders has surprised a great many people with the support that he is receiving, especially from young people. Actually there is nothing remarkable about his popularity. Senator Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist and socialism is growing like a … Continue reading

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The Constitution

It seems only yesterday when I was in high school and we were studying the United States Constitution. We studied it because it had meaning and was the written basis for all our freedoms. We were idealized then – the … Continue reading

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