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Stay Out of the Syrian Maelstrom by Patrick Buchanan

… What [Willard “Mitt”] Romney proposes is an act of war. Before we get into our fourth war in 12 years, let us consider the antagonists.  This is first a religious war with the Shia regimes – Hezbollah, Iran and … Continue reading

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The US presidential debates’ illusion of political choice

[Last] Wednesday night’s debate between Barack Obama and [Willard] Mitt Romney underscored a core truth about America’s presidential election season: the vast majority of the most consequential policy questions are completely excluded from the process. This fact is squarely at … Continue reading

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Ex Secretary of War Gates says strike on Iran would be disastrous

Painting a picture of internal political dysfunction in a dangerous world, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned Wednesday night that a U.S. or Israeli attack on Iran would have disastrous consequences.  Neither the United States nor Israel is capable of … Continue reading

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Willard “Mitt” Romney Vows To Arm Al-Qaeda Terrorists In Syria

[Willard] Mitt Romney will vow to arm Syrian rebels today during a major foreign policy speech, illustrating once again how there is virtually no difference between Romney and Obama when it comes to serving the interests of the military-industrial complex.  … Continue reading

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NY Times Concedes that It Is Unknown Whether Syrian Artillery Came from Rebels or Government

The Turkish-Syrian Skirmish Is Being Taken Out Of Context The mainstream American press has trumpeted for days the claim that Turkey is “retaliating” for artillery fire coming from Syrian government forces on the Syrian-Turkish border near the town of Akçakale. … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Who Is Behind The Commission on Presidential Debates? Are The Debates Rigged?

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Greensboro NC Police Dept. to conduct mass DNA screenings

While the Daily News of Jacksonville NC touts this as a good idea it is a horrific notion.  The emotional argument employed is that families with missing loved ones may want to determine if a missing family member is deceased.  … Continue reading

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Central Bankers Inflate Fiat While Plans for One World Currency Are Made

…This month, the Vatican has announced their support of a new global bank. They have endorsed the UN’s endeavor toward global governance over all fiat currency – as long as they are anointed to participate in the sovereign powers of … Continue reading

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State Nullification: Our Only Real Option to Stop Obamacare

Sunday October 7, 2012 from 2:00 – 5:00 PM This seminar will feature two speakers and a panel discussion for questions and answers. The Speakers are Dr. Greg Brannon and Dr. Dan Eichenbaum Location: The Hampton Inn & Suites Raleigh/Cary … Continue reading

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Surreal: Clinton Pledges $45 Million in Aid to Al Qaeda in Syria

Image: Bi-partisan treason. Senator John McCain pictured alongside the now deceased Ambassador Stevens (right, wearing a blue tie) had been in Benghazi, Libya supporting Al Qaeda militants since 2011 and highlight that the US’ current support of global terrorism is … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Actions Speak Louder Than Words With President Obama and the NDAA

Willard “Mitt” Romney openly defended the “right” of the President to indefinitely detain any US citizen without due process

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Will Israel Launch a False Flag Against Iran to Start War?

… Many critics have argued that there is a concerted effort to push the United States into a war with Iran by supporters of Israel. Patrick Clawson, director of research for the highly influential pro-Israel Washington Institute for Near East … Continue reading

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Reality Check: Muslim Protests Have Nothing To Do With A Youtube Video?

Published on Sep 26, 2012 by BenSwannRealityCheck

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US Government and Private Sector Invest in Agenda 21 Light Rail Systems

… Using the false reality of job creation, citizen preferences of trains over personal cars, mitigation of air pollution and alleviating traffic congestion are justifications that coerce the general public to support the construction of light-rail systems in their communities. … Continue reading

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Will Obama Keep Power By Any Means Necessary? 9/27/12 by Jack D. Douglas This question has been raised a vast number of times since LBJ. It misses the crucial reality of power at the top of the U.S. The “Presidents” have long been front men for the … Continue reading

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