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Accountability, Not Red Flag Law Can Prevent Mass Shootings

The sight of Florida Senator Marco Rubio collapsing like a sodden cardboard box in the face of a verbal assault by a Parkland shooting survivor was a sad one, indeed. But it was also far from surprising. The students of … Continue reading

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Nunes Memo Presents a Bipartisan Problem

“To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world.”—Anthony Burgess The mainstream media has been running tons of coverage about the so-called “Nunes Memo Freakout,” much of it centered around how the memo has … Continue reading

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Charlotte Airport Sets New Record: For The Number Of Guns Confiscated

Charlotte Airport, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, has earned the Tar Heel State another record. Not only is North Carolina the location of the first successful powered flight by a human, but 2017 witnessed a record number of guns being … Continue reading

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Guns Don’t Kill People, Toxic Relationships Do

Every time there’s a mass shooting in the news, the media and leftwing politicians love to focus on two supposed culprits – the mental instability of the perpetrator and the guns involved. Unfortunately, this gives people the false impression that … Continue reading

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Gun Smuggling: Too Many Agencies, Not Enough Data

Despite the ongoing epidemic of violent crime in Mexico, it remains much easier for an illegal immigrant to buy a weapon in the US than for a Mexican citizen to buy one in Mexico. A recent report by the Government … Continue reading

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What Hurricane Harvey Can Teach Us About Small Government

One of the most common criticisms made of our belief in a small state, and limited government power, is that “in practice” it just wouldn’t work. This is a very convenient argument for those on the liberal left to make, … Continue reading

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Another Pro-Union Law Bites the Dust

Federal Judge Knocks Down Obama’s Absurd Overtime Rule In May of 2016, former-US President Barack Obama, aka Mr. Draw a Line in the Sand, announced his administration’s final overtime rule, a Presidential Memorandum that promised to boost pay for millions … Continue reading

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