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Gun Smuggling: Too Many Agencies, Not Enough Data

Despite the ongoing epidemic of violent crime in Mexico, it remains much easier for an illegal immigrant to buy a weapon in the US than for a Mexican citizen to buy one in Mexico. A recent report by the Government … Continue reading

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What Hurricane Harvey Can Teach Us About Small Government

One of the most common criticisms made of our belief in a small state, and limited government power, is that “in practice” it just wouldn’t work. This is a very convenient argument for those on the liberal left to make, … Continue reading

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Another Pro-Union Law Bites the Dust

Federal Judge Knocks Down Obama’s Absurd Overtime Rule In May of 2016, former-US President Barack Obama, aka Mr. Draw a Line in the Sand, announced his administration’s final overtime rule, a Presidential Memorandum that promised to boost pay for millions … Continue reading

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