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It’s going to get Ugly!

These modern-day leftists want you to lose your job. They want to destroy you. How do you think they’re going to treat you when they finally sit in the seat of power for good? So fight them tooth and nail. … Continue reading

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They Don’t Get to Win”

Our country cannot go on like this. The rule of law matters, and the rule of law does not have exceptions that exempt preferred people and groups. We have tolerated this abomination long enough – it has to stop. Either … Continue reading

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The Deep State and Tyranny

Tyranny will soon force Good Men to Fulfill a Dangerous Oath! Enough with the endless investigations that lead nowhere and leave the guilty unpunished. Enough with absurdity of agencies investigating themselves in order to protect the institution they serve rather … Continue reading

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Not Father’s Day Too[/embed]
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Six Key Points From the DOJ Inspector General Report


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The Rule of Law is Dead

The conclusions from the long-anticipated report from the DOJ’s Inspector General (OIG) were leaked to Bloomberg Thursday morning, which says that despite any personal animus the FBI employees had against Trump, that bias did not creep into their conduct. Even, apparently, when they changed … Continue reading

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The Elite Never Takes Your Side

Donald Trump is a disruptor. He is disrupting the fat, arrogant, and corrupt elite and the web of self-dealing it has spun over the last seven decades. Is Trump putting at risk everything that’s been built in the last 70 … Continue reading

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Let’s be Clear

Apparently, we’ve been unclear about where we Deplorable voters stand on this issue, so let me clarify it for you members of the Congressional Nitwit Caucus. No freaking amnesty. No Amnesty. None. No “comprehensive reforms.” No compromises. No amnesty. But … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Two America’s

It’s time for Two America’s by Wes Rhinier Let’s just divide the country up peacefully while we still can. Our country is too deeply divided. It’s time for two America’s. A Communist America and A Free America. There’s really not … Continue reading

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