A Message from Western North Carolina

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I’m a bottle blonde/jet black haired blue eyed (more red-eyed these days) Trump voting, Christian, Conservative North Carolina native born and raised and proud American.

I’m pro life from the minute of conception to the minute they are born. So NO I do not believe in abortions.

I absolutely believe we need closed borders for now to regain some sort of control in this chaotic country we call home.

I believe in traditional marriage and separate bathrooms and I whole heartedly agree that what happens behind those closed doors is private as long as it stays behind the stall so no I do not need to see your business, know which way you hang or identify yourself…I certainly do not care as long as you don’t push your ideology on me nor should you try to force me to accept your specific gender characterization outside of being a man or woman..THAT IS ALL SHE WROTE ON THAT SUBJECT.

I believe in separate roles in a marriage.

A king and a queen, a husband and a wife and yes those are gender specific.

I say yes ma’am and no sir. I hold doors open for both men and women always. So yes I have those two pesky little characteristics called respect and manners.

I believe all should stand for the flag regardless of your skin color because hello we are all living in Yep you guessed it AMERICA..You know the United States of AMERICA to be exact or the USA or US for those that are a wee bit to lazy to type out the words completely.

I believe in the second amendment whole heartedly, just as much as I DON’T believe that the first amendment has an asterisk next to it that reads *unless you offend me with inappropriate hissy fits to follow because my feelings were hurt.

I will always back the men and women in blue who protect in serve these United States just as I will always have the backs, have the utmost and heartfelt respect and admiration for our men/women in military uniform that sacrifice life and limb for us grateful/ungrateful Americans.

I’ve been called a racist homophobic backwoods redneck inbred xenophobic bigot.

I’m the most hated American because I am white, Christian, and conservative and even those in far away countries label me as an infidel (Another post on a different day for that one.)

And I think it is absolutely hilarious your name calling, belittling, harassing, threatening does not work on the masses with common sense as the old elementary school yard saying therefore applies 100% as follows: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words will never hurt me.”

So keep this in mind if you bring a stone to the battle or throw out all kinds of funny to you only meme’s, I will show you how Western North Carolinians stockpile guns for fun, food for emergencies, and bare essentials to survive any pile of crap and nonsense you can try to sling my way…oh and don’t bring your hefty grammar Nazis to the fight…they will be stoned within an inch of their pencils and erasers with the swift and mighty hand of the PEN or keyboard for the grammar and politically correct!!!

You dig what I am saying to you??? If not go back and start from the beginning, eventually (no guarantee’s of how long it will take you in particular) but yes EVENTUALLY you will get my message loud and clearly without having to be told over and over again as it will be a given on where I stand with you on any given day.

SIDE NOTE: For those liberals, leftists, extremists, socialists, ANTIFA, neo-Nazi, Obama/Clinton lovers, Anti-Trump supporters and Lord knows whatever else fairy tale fantasy characters you can think of to describe your state of existence all of your fit pitching, crying, whining, sniveling, rioting, hate spewing, deceitful, destructive criticism that has been handed out by you individuals will ever change my political affiliation, my moral convictions, my love of country, my respect for those that serve, and first and foremost my love and commitment to honor my Savior Jesus Christ so think about that for a little while before you get your drawers in a wad and start to pitch one of your childish temper tantrums and make yourself look like a fool yet again. THAT IS ALL..CARRY ON…and GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND THIS COUNTRY WE CALL AMERICA!!!

Signed…one severely, sincere, Southern, White gal that identifies with being labeled a redneck, hillbilly, backwoods hick that is confident in my heritage with family roots that run as far and wide and as deep as they can possibly be tracked back through American HISTORY (again another post another day and a few hundred more reasons.) The above statements were written and edited by the one and only ME, MYSELF AND I. Feel free to copy and share but don’t feel free to lay claim or demand you are have sole ownership of my creation as I owe you NOTHING!!

Signed by yours truly-Shannon G.

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6 Responses to A Message from Western North Carolina

  1. I once thought I had met someone like you who shared the same beliefs as I. I was mistaken. I wish I had a girl like you. Fight the good fight!

  2. jay says:

    Just Bravo…there’s more like minded people in the state as well. I know I’m one.

  3. Joe Ragman says:

    Greetings from Avery County! I agree with you 1000%. There are more of us than you might imagine, in every nook and cranny of our wonderful country. We will never give up, we will forever fight the good fight to MAGA!

  4. pnoldguy says:

    @Jay: Lord, I hope there are more like you and her. Watching what goes on in NC legislature has conflicted me at times. It has forced me to think retirement in AL to keep my sanity.

  5. Hope says:

    Amen! I may be a transplanted Yankee, but I’m right with you on all of it (as are most if my Yankee friends still up north…

  6. Steve Montgomery says:

    Wow I could not say it any better. Amen sister. So many see beyond the hysteria of the left and the swamp. Thanks. Go Trump go. Things are changing. Steve

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