Another Twitter Censored Image

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4 Responses to Another Twitter Censored Image

  1. 173 Viet Vet says:

    The correct spelling all of us should use is: M-O-S-L-E-M.

    The Islamists do not want you to use that spelling since its pronunciation is an Arabic word meaning (roughly) : “nasty, filthy, unkempt, etc.”

    The Cult of Death & Islam do not want you to use a word which they think is a slur or derogatory word to describe them….

    So, why would you, a thinking and rational being, use a word that the head-choppers want you to use to describe them when you can slur their very existence and shove their criminal cult practices back in their faces…??


    See how easily it rolls off your tongue ???

    Start pushing back against the Moslem Death Cult……. M-O-S-L-E-M

  2. Hadenoughalready says:

    What an awesome scenario. Bet you could hear their heads spinning like props on a B-25…lol

  3. Hans says:

    A sign that used to hang in nearly every place of business in the USA:

    “We reserve the right
    to refuse service to anyone
    at any time for any reason.”

    It’s called Liberty of Contract … SCOTUS needs to read about it:

  4. Hadenoughalready says:

    That “right of refusal” has been an unwritten, but commonly known, rule since I’ve been around. I’ve run several establishments and this was always a “known” fact.
    I, like you, think this sign needs to be re-hung to remind the idiots.

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