Bill Whittle on Sutherland Springs

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One Response to Bill Whittle on Sutherland Springs

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    Pathetically sad is the fact that those “gun control” nuts ALWAYS focus on guns yet say NOTHING, EVER, about “crime control”. Yes, I said CRIME CONTROL.

    Let’s apply their theory to drunk driving, which kills FAR more people, every year, than guns do.

    Do we now ban cars, motor vehicles? Do we ban alcohol? Close the bars, lounges, liquor stores and DEMAND that anyone who wishes to have a beer, a cocktail or a shot of whiskey now must apply for and pass a test to acquire a “drinking permit”?

    No! We do none of that. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense. Instead, we punish the criminal. We don’t take away the cars, we take their licenses and, in most cases, their freedom, And we prosecute them in court for reparations to the victim, i.e., justice. We punish the criminal, not the car or the alcohol. Ever see a 6 pack or a 5th of whiskey in the defendant’s seat???

    It’s parallel to their insane conception of “gun control” so why not?

    I can hear it now: “that’s foolish” or “that’s not even reasonable”. Why is it foolish or unreasonable? It’s the same approach to a similar problem -- cure the symptom and ignore the disease, CRIME.

    I remain baffled by the demented approach of seemingly “intelligent” people who refuse to see logic even when it hits them in the face…or run them over.

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