Bizarro World


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4 Responses to Bizarro World

  1. Phil says:

    two marixst pieces of human crap trying to outdo each other, but the guy from Russia is much smarter then our dumb ass negro islamic marixst. the way i see this, O’dummy has been working for Putin all along and has ceded our power over to them piece by piece. O’dummy should be impeached and held on sedition charges for siding with the enemy of the U.S. Not much more to see here it’s right in our face and has been for the last 7 years. this islamic POS has been screwing the American white people and with impunity along with our glassy eyed and in a trance leaders over the guys skin tone.

  2. Rich says:

    I would agree that Barry is working with these communists….how could one not!!

    The USA isnt a democracy and never has been -- rather a dictatorship………..

  3. Average Joe says:

    Of course “Barry”, the Constitutional “scholar” doesn’t realize, care, or both that we live in a REPUBLIC.

    As for Putin I find it hard no to admire the man even knowing he is far from perfect. For instance he has called his people back to God, is promoting the Christian Church, punished that filthy group who call themselves “Pussy Riot” for desecrating a Christian Church, seeks to protect his country and his people, is warning about the true threat of Islam, recently spoke out for ALL life, is reportedly funding nationalist movements throughout Europe, and even declared a national holiday so married couples could pro-create.

    If only we could find representative with a similar pair of balls.

    • Phil says:

      but don’t forget, much of Putins Bolshevik ways are grandstanding right now until he can 100% solidify the world against the American government, so he will lie, cheat an do what ever it takes to screw the U.S. and we deserve to be screwed because our nation has become Amoral and filthy pervert degenerates. the Islamic Negro made his deal with the other devil form Russia many years ago and much of his funding came thru the Communist party, so Putin owns the Negro lock , stock and barrel. Also when the negro was running for re-election in 2012 When the islamic Negro was on stage with the other Russian Bolshevik O’Dummy was not aware his microphone was he told him to tell Putin when I am re-elected i will be able to do much more for him. in that statement alone there was enough evidence to prosecute the scumbag for treason and sedition, but they media let it die and never re-aired it on national TV. ,Many of the Jews in Media either it be wives or husbands work for the administration so there are many quid pro quos at this moment. there one big happy family of happy WHORES drinking and having fun right now, but the day is shortly coming when they wont be singing and drinking and making merry.

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