Building Community – Part 4

We got the final certificate of occupancy today and the fire marshal inspection approval yesterday. There is much work to be done but the foundation of this project is now complete. The above picture shows the shooting range completed last fall. We had a community workday and cleared a section of heavily wooded forest in 6 hours. The heavy equipment was on site for grading the foundation and road and the owner kindly allowed us to use it. Some of the trees were so large that the ground shook when they fell.

The final grading as shown above was done the following evening. Two loads of mulch and we had a 25m x 22m range in place. I want to make two points clear:

  1. A community project will only succeed if people contribute to its success.
  2. The range has already had its “fair share” of indoctrination.

The open house on Saturday, May 27th will include a tour of the range. I want to issue a special thank you for the people who have helped make this center a reality. They know that it is a work done for the glory of God.

David DeGerolamo

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