by John Mosby

We, as preppers, tend to let the potential future bad times take precedence over the good moments in our lives today. Sure, the government sucks, rule-of-law is gone, and Islamo-fascist jihadists are going to be setting off car bombs at the mall next week. That sucks. We all know it, but we need to be prepared to deal with it.

Here’s the catch. If you’re constantly fretting about it, it’s because you’re not prepared. You don’t have the skills to deal with it, and you know it. Otherwise, you’d take precautions, but you’d also continue living your life. Look at your friends and family, and figure out what you want to do together that doesn’t involve dressing up in camouflage and playing GI Joe. Then, go do that. Take your family and your best friend’s family to the water park, or out to the county fair. Do things together.

Tribes aren’t built at picnics or at weekly meetings. Tribes are forged during ‘the suck’. But the initial efforts are built by spending time together and getting to know one another under various circumstances.

Even if you do have a friend who is a prepper, do your wives get along? Have they spent social time together? Do they do things together as families, with the people you expect you will have to count on. Remember the old adage, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” If your wives don’t get along, it doesn’t matter how bad ass your buddy’s prepper gear is, that band isn’t going to survive tough times as a unit.


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