Buy Physical Silver on May 1st

Buy Physical Silver on May 1st Campaign Goes VIRAL!
Our video titled, “The Truth Rises…Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways,” has now become one of the most viral videos about silver. Receiving over 170,000 views in the past 11 days!
We believe that fiat currency is used to manipulate humanity, a small group of elites print it out of thin air, loan it to our governments, and then use it to make us all debt slaves. Fiat currency also distorts our markets, we simply don’t have an honest independent measure to value our labor, services, and goods we produce.

Please help us shed light on our sound money campaign by sharing our most recent video, to watch it click here.

The Truth Rises - Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways - May 1st 2013
The Truth Rises – Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways –
May 1, 2013

Silver is money, and on May 1, 2011, it was attacked by the fiat money printers, seeing open manipulation in its markets. So for the 2nd anniversary of this attack, we plan to trade our fiat currency in for physical silver.

The following companies listed below have contacted us to help support this cause. As we all come together to send a message,we see the manipulation of our people, and we plan to expose it. To start, we demand competing currencies, but in order for this to happen we need to shed light on the hundreds of millions of paper ounces that do not exist, yet control the silver price.
To be clear, we do not endorse any of the companies mentioned and have no financial ties to any of them, we are not receiving any compensation. In our correspondence with all of them we asked only that we get the best deal on our orders for May 1st.
Discounts Offered For Our “Buy Silver” May 1 Sound Money Campaign is offering free shipping on orders over $2,500 Referral Code: SoundMoney51 (Good on only May 1) Buyers will receive a 1% discount Receive a free silver coin with IRA Roll overs of over $15,000 is offering Free Shipping on all orders, No Minimum! is offering wholesale pricing on the purchase of two 100oz bars plus 69.99 each for transaction. is offering Free Shipping on all products

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  1. tmedlin says:

    OK…so I thought with massive numbers of people buying silver, it would have pushed the price up, but, instead, it came down…can you please explain?

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