Capitalism vs. Socialism

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3 Responses to Capitalism vs. Socialism

  1. norseman says:

    sums it up

  2. Yolanda says:

    why were the Obamas not criticize as much when they spent more money on trying to make her look good. Yet, they do not leave our president alone. They are so critical about everything he does or say. It is about time for us not to listen or read the news. Yolanda


    • Average Joe says:

      The left recognizes no morality but power. Any and everything is acceptable as long as they attain and maintain power. So, lying, either by commission or omission, for someone or lying about someone, again by omission or commission, is moral in their eyes as long as it helps them acquire or maintain power.

      One of the worst mistakes an honorable person can make is attributing a Godly sense of morality to those who do not accept such an objective nonselfserving standard. It leads to confusion, frustration, and defeat. Recognize the enemy in all his forms and all of his servants. Then we shall see, fight, and defeat them.

      Average Joe

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