Director of NC LISTEN slandered by News & Observer

Concerned citizens and Immigration Reformers,

I have contacted the News & Observer today in protest to the re-naming of the People’s Forum article I wrote, appearing in the N&O today. I had titled my article, “Immigration & GOP”, but it was changed by someone in the Editorial Board to “Low-grade Immigrants”.  The article was in response to an op-ed piece written earlier by Rick Martinez.  I believe the Editorial Board of the N&O did this because they wished to slander my point of view before the article was even read by subscribers of the newspaper and to misrepresent my intent.  I don’t consider legal immigrants to be low-grade.

I had only 200 words to make several points, and one of my points was to show that low-skilled and poorly educated immigrants are more likely to vote for Democrats because Democrats will always out-promise the Republicans when it comes to government social service programs.  One of my other points was to suggest an amnesty or promise of one is not going to get Hispanic votes for Republicans, as evidenced by what I stated.

The N&O’s editorial board will not deter me.  I have skin thicker than tree bark.  But I will not stand idly by and watch them distort what I have to say.  It only shows yet again how much of the media is openly prejudiced in their view instead of being impartial.

Send this to your associates.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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