Entitlement – the belief that one inherently deserves privileges or special treatment. When considering this definition – one can almost see Hillary Clinton’s photo under the description. And considering she has chosen to endure husband Bill’s philandering for many years – perhaps she is entitled to something – but, the presidency of the United States???

When the Clintons departed the White House Hillary felt entitled to whatever furnishings and artifacts she wanted to take with her – about $190,000.00 worth in fact. When confronted – Hillary returned some $28,000.00 worth of items to the National Park Service and paid for $86,000.00 worth of items – that still leaves about $75,000.00 worth of items which have never been returned or paid for.

Skipping over years of conniving, lying, and manipulating the system to serve her own desires – we will now turn to her decision to have a private email server installed in her personal residence. The logic of the private server and her decision to delete around thirty thousand emails was no doubt prompted by an effort to hide the inner workings of the Clinton Foundation – the comingling of private financial enterprise with government information is a violation of federal statutes – thus the emails concerning the foundation were no doubt deleted. Deleting (scrubbing) documents has been a successful way to hide Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoing for decades.

Now to the Foundation specifically—IF the FBI ever gets to the bottom of the tangled web of deceit of the Clinton Foundation – it may prove to be the largest single criminal political enterprise in United States history. It appears that the Clintons devised a way to launder large amounts of foreign money – repackage it and then send it on to their Foundation.

The Clintons started a Canadian “partner” charity (Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership) which took in donations from more than 1,000 foreign contributors. The beauty of the scheme is that, under Canadian law, the Clintons can and did bundle and transfer donated money from the Canadian shell partnership to the Clinton Foundation without having to reveal the names of the contributors.

Let’s be fair – the Clintons do contribute some of their foundation money to various charities – best estimates have that amount at about ten percent of the foundation income. The other ninety percent goes to fund lavish travel for the Clintons, pay salaries to cronies, and other unspecified expenses—all the money is virtually tax free. This means that the United States taxpayers subsidize the Clinton foundation. This scheme represents classical money laundering at its finest!
Then there is the quid pro quo scheme which Hillary has played since she entered the senate until the present.

1. While representing New York, she introduced a bill that would allow a donor to the Clinton Foundation to use tax-exempt bonds to build a shopping center.
2. She fought to defeat legislation that would have regulated Freddie Mac the same year the mortgage giant gave upwards of $100,000 to her foundation.
3. Corning funneled $274,000.00 to Hillary through its political action committee, the company also made a direct contribution of $150,000.00 and paid her $225,000.00 for a speaking engagement, and Corning executives contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to her campaign. Clinton in turn went to bat for Corning against the Chinese, fighting to reduce tariffs on the company’s products. In 2003 Clinton offered legislation to provide “hundreds of millions in federal aid to reduce diesel pollution, using, among other things, technology pioneered by Corning.”
4. While Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State, the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Australia, Norway, Algeria, and the Dominican Republic all contributed millions of dollars on the Clinton Foundation. In fact foreign donors made up one-third of all donors giving more than $1 million and made up more than half of donors who gave $5 million or more to the foundation. And there are the questions of some donations while she was Secretary of State and the coincidences of the State Department helping some of these same large foreign donors.

Now the federal government (FBI) has extradited Romanian hacker, referred to as “Guccifer” to the U.S. Guccifer claims to have hacked into the Clinton server and also claims that other hackers gained access to the private Clinton server.

There has been a presumption that the banking industry was too “big to fail.” The Clintons have a history of presuming that they are “too important” to convict and thereby above the laws which apply to the average citizen—in the next few months we will know if they are correct.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer on the road at Red Rocks Canyon, Oklahoma.

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