Europe’s Last Chance

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3 Responses to Europe’s Last Chance

  1. Mark says:

    My favorite common sense Britt!

    This alone is reason enough to vote for Trump over Hillary….I am not a populist, I’m a Constitutional Conservative…but I will not let the political perfect be the enemy of the good.

    Yes, there are risks with Trump…and his imperfections are obvious…but with Hillary we know we are getting a totally corrupt, Saul Alinsky devotee who with this one issue alone will further drag this country down the multiculturalism/borderless suicide road Europe is running down…let alone all the other issues she will use to further erode U.S. into what is fast becoming the United States of Federally Forced Godless Self Destruction and Collapse.

  2. bill says:

    this is beginning to happen in our nation now, the refugee invasion Obama and the democratic party along with the media PRESTITUTES are all behind the well planned invasion. we must repel this invasion at any cost or we will witness the beheadings , the rapes, the vile murders, lootings, the destruction of personal property and we will have to witness the continuing construction of there terror mosques which our tax dollars are secretly going to the murderers to erect by the obama the sodomite and Hillary the lesbo. we will be going to war and that you can count on.

  3. LT says:

    “…We’re not simply importing more people into Europe; we are importing a hostile, parallel society that is never going to integrate. We’re importing guaranteed social conflict. And given the supremacist nature of this parallel society, ultimately we are importing war“… “an arrogant PC political class that thinks it knows best for everyone, is the tail that’s been wagging the dog for too long. It has twisted our society’s liberal values around, and turned them against us, and is now leading us by the nose into a violent dead end. Its time for the sane, common sense majority to take back control, before it’s too late. And if this generation doesn’t do it, it will be too late, and our children and grandchildren will be condemned to a society significantly more dangerous, less civilized, and less free than the one we were lucky enough to be born into -- that is some legacy -- a society riven by permanent war, with knifings, shootings, suicide bombs, car bombs, and machine-gun massacres taken for granted. And it will be our fault. Because we can see it coming…even those of us who pretend we can’t. We are not helpless here. We have a duty to put a stop to this madness, and we have the power. All we have to do, is USE IT.

    Sadly, he doesn’t even hint at, let alone directly mention the most effective response to imported terrorists -- the use of direct force against the terrorists themselves, and even more importantly, against those who are importing them.


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