Four possibilities

All the media attention and the pundit’s commentary seem to be centered on the rift between Trump and the Republican establishment. While this may be a problem, it might pale in comparison to what could possibly happen if Trump and Sanders both get a bad taste in their mouth.

Mr. Trump and Senator Sanders have tenuous ties to the political parties in which they are running for nomination. Senator Sanders represents Vermont as an Independent and Trump has no past history which would align him with the Republicans.

The Democratic selection primary (as opposed to election primary) fairly well assures Mrs. Clinton the nomination no matter what the people who vote in the primaries may want; e.g., Sanders won Wyoming and Clinton got more delegates. It is conceivable, though unlikely, that Senator Sanders could run the table of the remaining primaries and still be denied the nomination because of the super delegates controlled by the Democratic Party bosses.

The Republican side does not have “super delegates” but the system is just as rigged; e.g., Trump won Louisiana and Cruz got more delegates – and the “people” of Colorado were not even allowed to vote in the primary. The Republican machine may manage to accomplish their “anyone but Trump” plan but probably at a high cost in voter turnout in the general election. And there is the thinly veiled threat that Trump could run as a third party candidate if he feels that he is treated unfairly at the Republican National Convention.

What is not being discussed is the possibility that Senator Sanders could decide to run as a Democratic Socialist and Trump as an Independent. That could change the face of politics as we know them in America and could lead to:

1. Hillary Clinton running as a Democrat.
2. Bernie Sanders running as a Democratic Socialist.
3. Ted Cruz or some other individual running as a Republican.
4. Donald Trump running as an Independent.

America has long had a two political party system which basically denies any new blood or ideas into the political system. Israel has four political parties – Canada has five political parties – France has nine political parties – Great Britain has at least eight political parties. We, because of our nationalistic nature feel that the two party systems are best—perhaps and perhaps not.

The problem with the two party systems is that it discourages any candidate who is out of the mainstream of the two parties – in other words, a candidate that doesn’t meet with the approval of the bosses of the two parties.

Senator Sanders is running neck and neck with Clinton is the national polls which indicate voter approval. That tells me that he could win 50% or more of the Democrat/liberal popular vote in a general election. In February Trump was polling at 49% of Republican/Independent voters. Even though Trump has lost some of his support, this still indicates to me that, if there were four candidates for the presidency, there would be no “shoo-in,” and who would actually win would be a matter of mere speculation.

The possibility of a Sanders third or fourth party run is the reason that Clinton is handling him with “kid gloves.” The last thing that she would need is for him to get upset and decide to run as a Socialist Democrat.

The possibility of a Trump third or fourth party run is the reason that the Chairman of the Republican National Convention is downplaying the possibility of any underhanded activity at the convention. He of course cannot control the party bosses any more than he can dictate how Republicans vote or don’t when congress is in session.

Personally I would like to see our two party political systems blown up and individuals of principle come to the fore to actually represent the people as opposed to the party. When the sky is blue and everyone in a particular political party wants everyone to follow the party line and vote that it is green – it is time for a drastic change and it seems we are about there.

Sanders and Trump are popular because, at least in part, the voters are sick and tired of the same old political bickering and nothing helpful to the serfdom coming out of Washington. This political season could shock our nation and change the landscape of politics.

IF all four candidates ran in a national election, given Sander’s appeal with independents he could win the popular vote – what then?

Have a good week.

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One Response to Four possibilities

  1. xtron says:

    if we get trump, things will get real bad is anybody’s guess. if we get cruz, or a GOPe choice, it will be even worse.
    if we get hillery, we will become the balkans, and if it’s bernie, we will become venesuala.
    but it’s not all bad…never let a crisis go to waist…the several and individual states will have the opportunity to regain their 9th and 10th amendment powers…if the voters of those states have the courage to stand up and take those powers.
    hang on, it’s going to get ugly

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