Gov of US Virgin Islands seizes guns ahead of Hurricane Irma

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2 Responses to Gov of US Virgin Islands seizes guns ahead of Hurricane Irma

  1. 173d Viet Vet says:

    Please start listening careful;y at 2:05 as the Governor of US Virgin Islands says he has not authorized and has no authority to authorize the Natl Guard to seize weapons. The order the
    Governor signed when activating the NG contains language which indicates the opposite could occur.

    The title of this article indicates that the Virgin Islands Natl Gd has gone house to house seizing firearms but the Governor says that has not happened and repeats again thaat he has no authority to order such unconstitutional actions.

    Suggest, David, that the title be changed to indicate that Governor signed an ambiguous order that might lead to Natl Gd seizing firearms ……

    • David says:

      I put the title of the YouTube video as the title of the article. I listened to the interview before posting it. I agreed with the governor that he did not have the authority to seize firearms or ammunition.

      1. The governor wrote the order very poorly as it clearly states that the national guard could seize firearms and ammunition. His defense made no sense.
      2. Why did the governor not make the simple point: the storm had passed and no firearms were seized?

      As for his reasoning that the national guard armory would run out of firearms or ammunition…

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