GRNC Alert 11-16-2012: elect pro–gun NC House Leaders!

Three-Way Race for House Speaker pro tem Includes Pro-Gun Bert Jones
As you will recall, House Majority Leader and current candidate for the Speaker pro tem position, Rep. Skip Stam (R, GRNC **) earned “Weasel” status last year by undermining pro-gun legislation through outright opposition and support of weakening amendments. His attempt to gut Castle Doctrine and successful removal of HB 650 language that would have allowed guns in locked vehicles at places of employment will not be forgotten.Fate has smiled upon NC gun-owners in the form of Pro-gun challenger Rep. Bert Jones (R, GRNC ****) who vies with Stam for the No. 2 position in the NC House: Speaker pro tem. Also in the race is Rep. Julia Howard (R, GRNC ****) who is also a better choice than Stam.

All NC gun owners should urge House Speaker Thom Tillis to support Jones’ bid for the pro tem position.


  • Email NC House Speaker Thom Tillis
  • Urge him to support Bert Jones for Speaker pro tem.



Suggested Subject: “Support Bert Jones for Speaker pro tem”

Dear Speaker Tillis,

As a North Carolina gun owner I am pleased that a pro-Second Amendment Representative is seeking the position of Speaker pro tem.

I urge you to support Rep. Bert Jones in his effort to win election to this important leadership position.



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