GRNC Alert: Parks Carry – Orange County Meeting Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Orange County Plans Park Ban

The Commissioners want you 

defenseless in parks…  

They have already drafted an ordinance that clearly violates state law. Their ordinance employs the now typical dishonest strategy embraced by several other anti-gun municipalities. This strategy involves tortuously redefining broad park areas to fit within narrow exclusions tacked onto the new “Castle Doctrine/Concealed Carry Permitted in Parks” law. As a result greenways, hiking trails and entire parks are slated for impermissible gun bans.

While Orange County Commissioners believe themselves to be above state law, they will happily subject you to the wrath of their municipal ordinance if you dare lawfully defend yourself and your family within their parks; including a $500 fine, six months incarceration, and permanent loss of your Constitutional RIGHT to bear arms.

Thanks to the vigilance and quick reporting of a GRNC member we have an opportunity to make the voice of reason heard before this abomination is approved.


Attend Commissioners Meeting

  • Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 7:00 p.m.
  • Department of Social Services, Hillsborough Commons, 113 Mayo Street, Hillsborough, NC
  • Contact Chris Weaver to most effectively coordinate your participation.
  • Email:
  • Phone: 912 441 7447

Email Commissioners

Copy and paste email address list:,,,,,,

Deliver This Message 

For email, use subject line: Comply with state law, do not ban guns in parks!

It has come to my attention that you intend to ban concealed carry permit holders from lawfully defending themselves in certain areas of Orange County parks.  In order to do this you have planned to “redefine” certain park areas in an attempt to fit them under the narrow exclusions permitted under SL 2011-268.

This is clearly disrespectful and non-compliant with state law, and more troubling, a violation of our Constitutional rights to bear arms.

Why don’t you trust the citizens that elected you to responsibly defend themselves?

North Carolinian Concealed Handgun Permittees have shown themselves to be extremely responsible and are not a problem that you should be concerned about. Places within Orange County where citizens are not permitted to effectively defend themselves IS a problem that you should begin working to solve.

I will be following progress and will alert Grass Roots North Carolina if you make it necessary to do so.



A Concerned NC voter

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