How Long Were The Israelites In Egypt?

Is this important? The time spent in Egypt is not important to me. The issue is that the Bible’s translations are lacking. Another example is the supposed Biblical tenet to love your enemy that I previously wrote about. We may not have the time to learn Hebrew and Greek to read the original texts but we can at least question and seek the original intent of God’s Word to the best of our abilities.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Kathie P

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29 Responses to How Long Were The Israelites In Egypt?

  1. watcher says:

    The relevant and important issue is that the Bibles that are currently in use today, are multiple translations and there are many translation errors in the Christian bibles that have been majority printed and now distributed throughout the entire world. And, there is another misnomer in this film. Saul, not only spoke HEBREW, He was taught and modeled after The Phariseeic Priests of Hillal, of Babylon. Did He know that what He was taught was false doctrine in Hebrew? The only way we know, is that in his letters in Galatians he specifically rebukes the law, as taught by these Phariseeic Hebrews and NOT Torah LAW. Why do I bring this up? Because, THE law of Circumcision was given to ABRAHAM with the covenant oath, 400 years before MOSHE received The Commandments at Mount Sinai. Yet, we tend to always assume that Moshe received ” the LAW ” from YHVH first and that is “THE LAW”. Yet how could this be if The first 5 books, The Septuagint, The Torah, clearly begins with a creator creating a world and man…. Clearly there was some oral law long before the BOOK of Genesis was actually written and Adam was created.

  2. watcher says:

    And the current bible as we have it today, has and will continue to be edited and revisions added as they find more scrolls and archeological biblical data. This empowerment and discernment to approve, and make these revisions, MUST stay in the hands of MEN of Valour, of pure hearts and minds, with NO agenda and no prejudice toward “doctrine”. Especially not of Christian or Judaic or Islamic Doctrines.
    Those dates that don’t seem to be important right now to you David, are very important indeed.
    Otherwise, HISTORY will be Revised and rewritten conveniently by the USURPERS, THE TYRANTS, and by THOSE just like PHARAOH, who wish to keep us in bondage, oppressed and in slavery. Look at what academia’s leftist minions are doing to our forefathers HISTORY. They are rewriting it as we speak and type.
    ORAL history may be the only method left for the next 1000 year of generations to really know the TRUTH of what is occurring today in our lives.

  3. I believe that the King James Bible is Gods Perfect and preserved Word for English speaking people today. Here is an excellent study as to why.

  4. Dragons too don’t forget. We know them as dinosaurs.

  5. Strange creatures which quite likely no longer exist or exist in so few numbers (like dragons) which defy most worldly observation.

    Did you know that Jesus Christ died in your place; that He paid the penalty your sin debt acquired? That He was raised again for your justification? If you would simply believe what God the Father says about you and what His Son did on your behalf that He would count your belief worthy of eternal life? Is not this far more incredible than believing, as I do (simply because God says it) that a strange creature you have never seen existed?

    Is not anything possible with the Creator God? Or are you one of those who have fallen for the religious lie of evolution where everything exists from nothing at all; and accidentally arranged itself all by itself with zero conscious thought involved?

    And by the way… Where do we find this stunningly beautiful information but contained within Gods most perfect Word?

    • Oh and by the way, where do we locate such amazing information as this but in Gods Perfectly preserved Word? Or do you mean to suggest that the Creator God of the universe, that Omnipotent Being who wrote creations blueprint would somehow have difficulty writing His creation a single book regarding themselves and their condition in His creation?

  6. Bill Shuey says:

    I am merely one who would like to believe the words contained in the Holy Writ. The problem is in choosing what to believe and not to believe. Either: God (Jesus) is a genocidal maniac (based on stories in the OT) or the stories in the OT are lies--there is no gray area. So if the stories are true, why would I want to trust in a deity? And if the stories are lies, why would I believe anything else contained within the pages?

    • The Bible is THE story of sinful human nature. I highly suggest that you read very carefully the book of Romans allowing the words to say exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say.

      The key to Bible understanding is in knowing what is written to believers today and what was written about and for believers in time past and the ages to come. 90% of the Bible is directly written to and about the nation Israel. The 13 epistles of Paul are written to those who would choose to believe what God says to mankind today.

      Careful thoughtful study of Gods Word will yield remarkably insightful understanding into everything that is transpiring around us today. You will learn why things are the way they are and what God did about it. For a very thorough verse by verse exposition of the book of Romans visit and look under “audio”.

      Grace and peace…

  7. Bill Shuey says:

    You wrote three paragraphs and didn’t say one word which addressed my quandry. Obviously, either you have no answer or prefer to avoid the issue--kind of a typical approach--at least you didn’t offer a cliche.

    I have never met a minister (and I was one) who wanted to address questions head on--they always avoid the question and offer time worn adages. If you don’t want to address the questions or comments in a meaningful way, just don’t bother responding. At my age I can talk to myself without your help!

    • To answer directly; ALL the Bible is true, every word. Only purposeful study will convince you of it. I can not. God is just. Humanity deserves genocide and will receive it yet again. Genocide, as you put it, is the just reward of sin, though God has always provided mankind with a graceful way out if mankind would simply take its Creator at His Word.

      You also stated that you didn’t know what to believe. Clearly we should not stone our children for disorderly conduct, yet parts of the Bible say to do just that. The key is to know which parts were written to you and which were written for other people’s and purposes.

  8. Bill Shuey says:

    While you are reading you might want to get one of my books: A Search for Israel or Unholy Dilemma. Both are listed on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.

    If you are able to put away your preconceived notions and indoctrination you might find them eyeopening.

  9. Bill Shuey says:

    One more question that you won’t answer. If the Holy Spirit directed the words in Isaiah, Psalms, etc. and they are faulty (or we must hope they are), why would I want to embrace the words in Romans, Jude, etc. which were supposedly directed by the same Holy Spirit?

    • Because you never learned how to read the Bible. You mistakenly assume it is all about you.

      • Bill Shuey says:

        If the scriptures are not addressed to me (as in humanity) who are they intended for? And if the God of the OT practiced genocide (which you seem to approve of)--even infants, children, livestock, and fetus still in the womb, why should he be worshipped?

        Jews even have a day (Passover) to commemorate the killing of infants of the Egyptians--the good, bad, and indifferent. And Christians use this same holiday to observe the crucifixion of Jesus by tying it to the unblemished lamb which had nothing whatsoever to do with sin.

        Perhaps you should go back and reread some of the scriptures to edify

  10. Bill Shuey says:

    My words or some unknown author a few thousand years ago--what’s the difference?

  11. Your words are not Holy Spirit inspired (2 Peter 1:21).

    • Bill Shuey says:

      And your empirical evidence that biblical writers were inspired is? I doubt that you can verify even one NT figure outside the Bible. My comments are not to denigrate you, I meet this mindset in many discussions regarding my books. But, rarely do I hear anything new--no evidence--just the regurgitating of words from a previous individual who regurgitated the same words.

      That is indoctrination--not fact.

      • If my belief that the King James Bible is indoctrination (your word -- I call it faith -- Rom 10:17) than so be it. God Himself is the Author. He wrote through man. Human penmanship, Divine authorship. Read the scripture I have provided you. Believe it as I do, or don’t. I believe the Bible to be the only Absolute Fact available to mankind.

  12. Bill Shuey says:

    The KJV is probably the worst possible version of scripture to depend up as it was taken, primarily from a 12th century corrupted hand written document. And if you go to the original cover of the KJV you will find that it does not even list the documents used. The Geneva Bible was the motivation for the KJV because it had notes in the margins which took exception to the king’s role in the Church of England. The Geneva Bible was a protestant Bible--the KJV can’t even claim that. Having said that, I cite the KJV in my books because, with more than 1 billion copies in circulation, it is the most widely read or laid on a coffee table anyway.

  13. Bill Shuey says:

    Whose fault is sin? Who created man and gave him free will? Why should people have to apologize and beg forgiveness for being human--God’s creation.

  14. You believe whatever you want to Bill.

    Grace, peace, out

  15. Bill Shuey says:

    And to you as well. And that is what it is all about--belief.

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