How Trump Won the Hearts of Americans

Our country’s security is being destroyed from within as our forefathers predicted. Division based on every conceivable factor is the weapon used by the “Deep State” and the media to achieve their goals. Donald Trump was the anomaly that they did not predict. With all of their forces now arrayed against him, the President is still standing. Americans like to win and they like winners. The president’s plan is simple: America first and achieve goals that the people want.

In the past few days, Donald Trump has rescinded the illegal Iran “treaty”, secured the release of three North Korean prisoners and captured the top five ISIS leaders. The unemployment rate is the lowest since 2000. He is meeting with Kim Jung-un in Singapore on June 12. More importantly, his list of achievements also include the dismantling of the Obama legacy. If you want to win, join the winning team with an established record, goals and the support of the “fans”. This is how Donald Trump won the hearts of true Americans and is saving the country from its darkest hour.

David DeGerolamo

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