III Congress – T.L. Davis

There seems to be some misunderstanding about the III Congress. It is not to re-draft a perfectly good Constitution. While some might have some reservations about the Constitution as ratified versus as amended, or a Constitution allowing slaves, or any of that, the Constitution was suited only to a moral people of deeply religious constraint. While no one has to believe in Jesus Christ, or God, to understand that a moral person values an oath: values doing right over what feels good: values sacrifice for the better good; values the wages of sin and the value of righteousness, it does help.

Our purpose in engaging in a III% Congress is to decide, for us, what we will finally do. No more talk, no more encouragement, it is designed to see who of us will step out and proudly and boldly claim to believe in the Constitution and to make violations of the Constitution expensive.

Expensive in what way? Who knows, that is up to us to determine. But, if one believes in this nation, it is their duty to do something to stem and maybe even abate the abuses done to the very document that established everything one sees from the first blink in the morning to the last in the evening.


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