Imagine a War of Northern Aggression Today

New Jersey


A gun owner rally sponsored by Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs and NRA is scheduled to be held in Trenton on Monday, March 26 2018 — the same day that both houses of the legislature are scheduled to be in full session, and very likely voting on the first wave of gun bills that emerge from committees in the next few weeks.

Please join us for a morning rally close to the State House, followed by a march to the Senate and Assembly chambers where we will pack the galleries and make sure legislators know we are watching as they vote. Plan on spending the entire day. Additional details will be forthcoming, but save the date!



More please! Let’s have a rally or sign another petition for our natural laws. Like a petulant child who is constantly told no without any repercussions, the political elite continue to trample the people and their rights into the ground. New Jersey is a typical progressive state whose “legislators” line their pockets using the canard “it’s for the children”.

While the North has its share of hunters, they are woefully outnumbered by the other side. While we sit back and watch their illegal voters, attacks on the 2nd Amendment and crime degrade their children’s future, let us not become complacent. The other side is on their march to expand their power in every state. When this house of cards collapses, will you be ready? Or will you remember how many marches you watched or how many petitions you signed?

David DeGerolamo

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