In Praise of Facts, by Robert Gore

Facts rush towards us like an oncoming train, and facts tie us to the track.

Your car won’t start. That’s a fact. You think the battery is dead. That’s a hypothesis. Your neighbor has jumper cables and you start the car off of her car’s battery. That’s an experiment that yields data supporting your hypothesis. Maybe you drive around for a while and your battery either recharges or it doesn’t. Either way, that’s another fact, which tends to disprove or support your hypothesis. Perceiving facts, developing hypotheses, experimentation, then revising, when necessary, those hypotheses in light of newly perceived facts are defining processes of the human mind. Humans continuously perceive, hypothesize, experiment, and revise, rarely even aware of the process: call it the empirical loop.

It’s easy to laugh at the academic and student primitives who deride the loop, who even question the concept of facts. Often this rejection stands on the notion that the loop is a package of “constructs” developed by white males to oppress everyone else. Credit for the loop to white males is a compliment, not a condemnation. However, they aren’t responsible for the epistemological process necessary for any human being to deal with reality, although some white males have dealt with reality extraordinarily well. Rejecting the loop, primitives will surely be oppressed…by reality. Let one of them, regardless of race, ethnicity, and gender, step in front of a moving train, rejecting the fact that it’s a train and the hypothesis of imminent impact. Before he splatters on the train’s windshield, he may realize his epistemological errors.


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4 Responses to In Praise of Facts, by Robert Gore

  1. a follower says:

    No lie is of the Truth.
    Revealing lies, and understanding we too have been deceived on many levels can be a painful realization. This pain is a good thing. The harm is when we do not see, nor acknowledge when we have been wrong.

    • Bill says:

      you can only be deceived if you don’t have Christ in your heart and you are not in his word daily. You see, I myself once believed the lies and deceit from the media, our government and people in general. Once I became saved and began reading Gods word the light bulb ( Holy Spirit ) came on, and only then was i able to distinguish Truth from the lies and deceit I was giving heed to. Today mostly everything is a lie coming from the media, our government and People because they have mostly been taken over by Satan and these fools bow down to him , they worship Baal and Moloch now and there is no going back or them.

      • a follower says:

        yes, i see much truth in your words. Confusion such as we see in this world comes from one place.
        i still believe people can turn back at this time.
        Learning His will is imperative. Have been reading much lately on the type of people we should be, (become.) i fear many have taken these directives lightly.

        • Bill says:

          you are right , the people have taken them lightly as if the little they knew ( If any ) will get them a free pass into Heaven, but it wont. Remember the parables of the ten virgins in the scriptures, 5 had there lamps trimmed with the oil and the other 5 did not have any oil what so ever , and when the master came the 5 that had no oil was trying to get oil for the lamps from the 5 who had it. my point , God has already picked his people before we were born and this wickedness will multiply and multiply , wax worse and worse until the lord returns. All you can do is present the Gospel where and when you can to dying souls and make sure you are right with God including your immediately family, but in many families they don’t care about Godly things only earthly things.

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