Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC Conference

Benjamin Netanyahu gives the world the proper analogy between Nazi Germany and Iran in his closing remarks. Appeasement only leads to emboldening the enemy. If Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei takes control when the March 2nd election results are announced, it will  solidify the Iranian theocracy’s goal to take out both the “little Satan” and the “great Satan”.

Mr. Netanyahu’s reference to the Book of Esther gives another great example of one woman’s courageous act that saved the entire Jewish people. It is also an example of standing your ground for your convictions at all costs because the consequences of inaction are not an option. In this case, the cost would not only have been her life but the lives of all Jews in exile under King Xerxes (Ahasuerus in Hebrew). The prime minister’s message is clear: Israel must defend itself and stand its ground or they will be destroyed.

David DeGerolamo

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18 Responses to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Addresses AIPAC Conference

  1. randysright says:

    Yup, he basically just told Obama they’re going to strike Iran with or without his permission. Very powerful speech!!

  2. walterm says:

    What a shame that Israel feels itself threatened so much. Maybe if it stopped dumping white phosphorus on Gazans and stopped carving up the West Bank into reservations for Palestinians, it could work for a peaceful solution for Jews, Arabs, and others in Palestine. As to attacking Iran, Iran doesn’t have a nuclear bomb, says it has no interest in acquiring a nuclear bomb, and is not considered by many U.S. intelligence agents or the IAEA to be in the process of trying to develop a nuclear bomb, so what is the concern? Is it to make a grab for Iran’s oil resources? Is it to use Iran as a dumping ground for depleted uranium like what was done in Fallujah? And, as to nuclear weapons, why not have everyone get together to work toward their elimination -- everyone including the USA, Israel, China, Russia, UK, France, Pakistan, North Korea, and India? Israel is estimated to have 75-400 nuclear weapons, yet no one makes a fuss about that arsenal. Iran has not invaded another country in over 150 years yet it is depicted as a ravenous aggressor.

    • David says:

      North Korea tested Iranian warhead or “dirty bomb” in 2010 for $55m

      German and Japanese intelligence sources Monday, March 5, confirmed – and qualified – to DEBKAfile reports in the German Der Spiegel and Welt am Sonntag that Western intelligence had known for 11 months that at least one of North Korea’s covert nuclear tests in 2010 was carried out on an Iranian radioactive bomb or nuclear warhead.
      Those sources report five facts are known for sure:

      1. North Korea carried out two covert underground nuclear explosions in mid-April and around May 11 of 2010 equivalent to 50- 200 tonnes of TNT.
      More =>

  3. walterm says:

    Testing of a 50-200 ton dirty bomb? : “Since a dirty bomb is unlikely to cause many deaths, many do not consider this to be a weapon of mass destruction. Its purpose would presumably be to create psychological, not physical, harm through ignorance, mass panic, and terror. For this reason dirty bombs are sometimes called “weapons of mass disruption”. Additionally, containment and decontamination of thousands of victims, as well as decontamination of the affected area might require considerable time and expense, rendering areas partly unusable and causing economic damage.”
    In it is stated “Those sources report five facts are known for sure:”. The first fact refers only to North Korean nuclear explosions. The second refers to detection of nuclear fission but dirty bombs do not involve fission but use conventional explosives to project radioactive material, usually radioactive waste material. The third states “The presence of tritium in one of the tests led several intelligence agencies watching North Korea’s nuclear program and its longstanding links with Iran and Syria to examine the possibility that Pyongyang had tested the internal mechanism of a nuclear warhead on Iran’s behalf” but the presence of tritium could relate strictly to research for North Koreans themselves. The fourth of “Another possibility examined was that North Korea had tested an Iranian “dirty bomb” ” is pure speculation meant to suggest something that may or may not be true. The fifth is lengthy : “5. The Japanese and German sources found confirmation of their suspicions that North Korea had abetted Iran’s nuclear aspirations in three events:

    a) Shortly after the April explosion, a large group of Iranian nuclear scientists and technicians arrived in Pyongyang. They apparently came to take part in setting up the second test in May.
    b) In late April, Tehran shipped to Pyongyang a large quantity of uranium enriched to 20+ percent – apparently for use in the May test.
    c) Straight after the May test, the Central Bank of Iran transferred $55 million to the account of the North Korean Atomic Energy Commission. The size of the sum suggests that it covered the fee to North Korea not just of one but the two tests – the first a pilot and the second, a full-stage test.” -- -- What are the German and Japanese sources? I can’t say this fifth point is true or not. Would this be something the IAEA investigates?
    In the worst case, Iran desires a nuclear bomb. Then, what does it do with it? Although Iran has not initiated an attack on another country for over 150 years, is it supposed to lob one or more nukes over to Israel? Or, will it send a dirty bomb to Israel? I understand Iran funds Hezbollah. It also seems that the U.S. and/or Israel may be assassinating Iranian scientists and that U.S. and/or Israeli covert operatives may be at work in Iran. Although the Debka article is interesting, it may be misleading because of Debka’s ties to Israeli intelligence.

    • David says: for more sources.

      Do you really want to make a point that a nuclear dirty bomb is not really a weapon of mass destruction because of an article on wikipedia? However, this is a moot point: the article did not have “mass destruction” mentioned. Your comment starts out by trying to redirect the point of the article.

      Although Iran has not initiated an attack on another country for over 150 years, is it supposed to lob one or more nukes over to Israel?

      As you also state, Iran if funding Hezbollah but you left out the thousands of missiles it has funded or supplied that are ready to be launched into southern Israel. You left out the funding of the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. You left out the funding of the Iraqi rebels and the manufacture of IEDs used against our soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan.

      Iran has not initiated an attack on another country for over 150 years? Tell that to Iraq.

      As the Debka articles states facts, you are welcome to make your own conclusions as is every reader. Do I trust Netanyahu over Ahmadinejad? Yes. But to play devil’s advocate, Iran may be soliciting good relations with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Russia, India, China, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and North Korea recently in order to promote their good will. Their speeches concerning the annihilation of both Israel and the United States could be empty rhetoric. Positioning part of their navy in the Russia port of Tartus, Syria could be maintenance. Testing medium range missiles to explode EMPs could be malfunctions. And Obama may be the best president to defend the US against all enemies foreign and domestic.

      • walterm says:

        Pat Buchanan makes a reasonable assessment of Iran: .
        The Wikipedia article: on IEDs states that foreign fighters are responsible for IEDs in Afghanistan and both Iran and Iraq deny that Iran is providing IEDs to the insurgents in Iraq.
        As to dirty bomb manufacture, many individuals could make a dirty bomb as long as explosives and radioactive material are available.
        Regarding North Korean collaboration with Iran in testing a warhead, I don’t know enough about that.

        • David says:

          EXCLUSIVE: Iraq Weapons — Made in Iran?

          One of many articles dating back over six years concerning Iran’s role in IEDs

          Not sure about your point concerning dirty bombs. Based on the level of refinement and the quantity of enriched uranium that Iran is now producing, I doubt they are intending its use in dirty bombs or power plants.

          • walterm says:

            Thanks for the ABC news link. In reply, I note that General Montgomery C. Meigs, U.S. Army (Ret.), the former director of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), at about the 55 minute mark of says that Shiites do not share IED technology with Sunnis. In which case, I would not expect Iran to aid Sunnis anywhere in making IEDs. Iran would not be inclined to teach IED making to Iraqis because Iraq is now ruled by Shiites, same as Iran. But, Hezbollah is a possibility as this is a Shiite group in Lebanon. I am not aware of Hezbollah setting off IEDs in Israel.
            As to the enrichment level of uranium that Iran is able to produce, as far as I am aware, Iran has not achieved greater than 20 percent enrichment, a level acceptable for nuclear power plants but not high enough to make a nuclear weapon with.

          • David says:

            Concerning the percentage of enriched uranium and its implications:

            Curious that Moqtada Sadr is being supported by Iran. More information concerning him:

            Iran made the IEDs used in Iraq and Afghanistan, they did not teach them how to make them.

          • walterm says:

            From,7340,L-4196885,00.html , February 29, 2012, “Earlier Wednesday, North Korea said that it has agreed to suspend uranium enrichment and adopt a moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile tests. ” I’ll have a look at the two links you provided.
            I would doubt that Iranian made IEDs would have been provided by Shiite Iranians to Sunni insurgents but I have yet to look at the links you provided.

          • David says:

            I suggest you look at the North Korean/US treaty negotiated by Madeleine Albright under the Clinton Administration. We gave them food and oil in exchange for suspending their nuclear program. They took the food and oil but did not suspend their nuclear program. Why would anyone trust North Korea now? This will be another case where people will be doomed to repeat history not due to ignorance but because of a good media article at the expense of the people of the United States.

      • walterm says:

        Chris Hedges:​addisonpg/2012/03/05/​aipac_works_for_the_1_percent : “AIPAC does not speak for Jews or for Israel. It is a mouthpiece for right-wing ideologues, some of whom hold power in Israel and some of whom hold power in Washington, who believe that because they have the capacity to war wage they have a right to wage war, whose loyalty, in the end, is not to the citizens of Israel or Palestine or the United States but the corporate elites, the defense contractors, those who make war a business, those who have turned ordinary Palestinians, Israelis and Americans, along with hundreds of millions of the world’s poor, into commodities to exploit, repress and control.” “AIPAC does not drive Middle Eastern policy in the United States. I am afraid it is worse than that. AIPAC is one of an array of powerful and well-funded neoconservative institutions that worship force and drive our relations with the rest of the world. These neoconservatives choose an enemy and then our compliant class of journalists, specialists, military analysts, columnists and television commentators line up to serve as giddy cheerleaders for war.”

    • walterm says:

      A link to a video about the ease of making a dirty bomb: .

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  5. walterm says:

    I came across this request by a few retired U.S. generals: .
    It’s a shame that a nation that spends 40-45% of the world’s dollars on swords can’t divert some of that money toward other pursuits to benefit its people. It’s as though there is no consideration for beating some of the swords into plowshares.
    Thanks for the tip about the “North Korean/US treaty negotiated by Madeleine Albright under the Clinton Administration”.

    • David says:

      Probably half of all government spending is wasted. Percentages vary but this is the best guess. Do not fall for the trap that is destroying this country. If waste across all government spending was eliminated, we would be able to start to pay off our debt of over $130 trillion. We have to stop thinking like the government: it is not their money to take from us to increase their power base. It is our money and we know how to spend it better, create jobs and distribute charity: it is call Capitalism (not crony Capitalism). Plowshares sound good to me; unfortunately we will always have wars and rumors of war.

      Debt is slavery and no one have more debt than the United States. When an outside bank directs our monetary policy and tells the Treasury to print money out of thin air, the endgame will always be a collapse. Does anyone else feel like we are living Atlas Shrugged without John Galt?

  6. David says:

    David, it’s time for you to stop being a shill for a nation that thrives on goading Arab nations into confrontation, just so they can run to Washington DC to convince Americans to continue to fight THEIR enemies (not ours). Iran, just like any other sovereign nation, has a right to defend itself. The fact that Israelis have over 400 nukes -- nukes to which they don’t submit to ANY oversight or International “inspections” smacks of gross hypocrisy. Why aren’t you calling for transparency when it comes to them ?

    Additionally, I can’t recall, anywhere, where our Constitution permits acts of war against…another nations’ enemies, and neither can you. Iran is NO THREAT to America, and we both know it. Truth is, your postings are starting to get annoying, with all the “judeo-Christian” references, and your ceaseless promotion of Israel as a victim. We all know better. Truth is, Arabs are some of the best friends we’ve ever had, but the Rothschilds’ now control ALL global banks, with the exception of 3 nations that are trying to protect their sovereign banking systems -- and Iran is at the top of the list. We’ve stolen nearly every nations gold reserves (Gadafi’s being one of the largest in history) and handed their financial affairs over to the international cabals that are the ruination of our country, and you support more of the same.

    And you are asking us to do what ? Throw our names in the hat, just so we can help “liberate” them [Arabs] from their own countries ? If that’s the best you’ve got, David, take me off your mailing list.

    BTW, can you also point me to the scriptural reference whereby “Judeo” and “Christian” became…hyphenated ? You’re either one or the other, David. Just as you don’t hyphenate “Catholic-Christian”, or “Muslim-Christian” or, you get the idea. Man up David.


    • David says:

      I found another video where Ahmadinejad calls the US the Great Satan but I did not put it up since you would say the translation was not verified. Israel has had nuclear weapons for over 40 years. If they had misused their weapons or used them for intimidation, I might be calling for useless IEAE inspections. Iran is hiding their nuclear program and lying to the world about it:

      I don’t care about Iranian inspections. When any country threatens to annihilate another country, call me a shill but I do not want them to have a nuclear arsenal.

      I agree with your assessment of the Constitution not permitting preemptive acts of war. You can bring this point up to Obama and McCain. However, I do not think that Israel has such a requirement. And the United States has no reciprocity defense treaties with Israel.

      I remember Obama saying that Iran was no threat to America:

      Now this same man is not bluffing? What did Obama realize in three years?

      You have to give me an example where I said Israel was a victim.

      I don’t understand why you switched to Arabs (Iranians are not Arabs) and global banks. Or why you then started to attack the actions of the United States. I thought your issue was Israel?

      I am not asking you or anyone to do anything. In fact, the chess pieces are in play and we are only bystanders who have no input into the game. War is coming no matter what you or I do. If it is coming, let it start sooner rather than later so that we can stop waiting. If you believe that war is avoidable, please outline your reasoning: I would like to have some hope for a peaceful future.

      I don’t have a mailing list so you can remove yourself at any time. This site is a forum for comments on current issues. Why do you think there is a comment section?

      Again, what do Arabs have to do with Iran?

      I have no problem changing Judeo-Christian to what its proper designation: what do you think it is? Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian laws and principles. Read the 5000 Year Leap for more information.

      Man up to what? That I support a preemptive Israeli strike of Iranian nuclear facilities? You betcha.

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