Junk, Budget Builds and Gear Reviews

Why are folks so focused on relying on junk, when much better equipment or gear is available readily? For some it is a true financial issue. If they do not buy the PSA gun, they’ll never afford an FN, DD, BCM, Colt or other reputable brand. I get it. But if people make a financial argument, I better not see Netflix, frozen pizza, car loans, restaurant receipts, beer, Blue Apron meal programs, satellite TV or new clothes with holes already torn in them.

For most it is a choice to choose junk. Hey, freedom means the freedom to make bad choices. I support peoples rights to choose. But please do not try to fool everyone on a YouTube gun review that your 350$ AR15 is the same quality as a 1500$ Daniel Defense rifle because you shot 300 rounds out of it on a warm sunny day. That Mosin “Sniper Rifle” does not perform the same as a Accuracy International AX rifle.


via WRSA

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