Leo Gerald: Evil in the Shadows

Leo Gerald is the president of the United Steelworkers Union. Very few people know anything about this man, what he has done or what he will do in the future. Why is he important? Like George Soros and Jamie Dimon, he is one of the main players in the shadows plotting the destruction of our country in favor of Socialism. As shown below in an article that he wrote, deception and misdirection are his tools. Do people listen when he talks? The answer is shown in the polls where Obama still holds a lead in the electoral college projections.

Imagine a president who has effectively destroyed America’s economic engine in four years being in a position where he may be reelected. How is this possible? People like Gerald supporting and manipulating voters across the country with fear, lies and intimidation. If the labor unions start civil unrest across the country, this will be the man behind the curtains.

David DeGerolamo

Romney Willing to Win Without Honor

Mitt Romney kept quiet last week when the subject was rape and God’s will. He remained silent the week before when the news was all about Illinois factory workers pleading with him to stop his alma mater Bain Capital from offshoring their jobs.

At no time this year did Mitt denounce Republican employers who threatened their workers if President Obama is re-elected or condemn repeated Republican legislative attempts to suppress Democratic votes.

Throughout the campaign, Mitt Romney confronted numerous George Washington moments — opportunities to establish an aura of honor. It takes moxie to tell fellow Republicans that voter suppression is un-American. Only a guy with strongly held principles would stand up to the firm he founded and insist they stop the morally bankrupt practice of offshoring jobs from profit-making American factories. At every turn, Romney chose the ignoble path. He kept his mouth shut rather than speak up for what’s right.


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