Lies of Omission

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5 Responses to Lies of Omission

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  2. Bill says:

    you cannot fix our system , it has been broken from the same people that have been running it into the ground for decades and namely the Bolshevik Marxists, and that my friends is the democratic party as well as many republican democrat wanna bees who want to be loved by the demoncrats and the media. the system must be completely revamped back to the way the foundling fathers had set it up, this wont come by protesting, writing our leaders, etc.,it can only come thru another civil war and the enemy being completely vanquished, nothing short of this will fix anything. the democratic party and there minions must be completely annihilated along with the media, academia and the CRAZED ZOMBIE LIKE people who follow after the democratic cultist party. This satanic party is laden with all different shades of fanaticals/anti Americanism and nothing will change this fact. only war can now fix the problem.

  3. Tom Angle says:

    When Matt Bracken said you are going to loose your freedom, I just shook my head. We have lost our freedom a very long time ago. Well before me or Mr Bracken was born. If you are not allowed to own property, money and have to work to support other, how free are you? Property taxes are just rent. The paper they call money has no value and how much you can possess is regulated. Then you are forced to pay taxes to support those that do not work. We are less than a slave. Slaves at least has some monetary value.

  4. Peggy says:

    Read:” They Own it All Including You” by Dr Robert Rowan and Ronald MacDonald, one of the best books on the truth

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