Long Live the Flags of Dixie!

Confederat Flag

On May 19, the House of Reprehensibles passed a proposal that would essentially ban the display of Confederate flags from national cemeteries.  The amendment was added to a Veteran Affairs spending bill.

Not surprisingly, House Speaker Paul Ryan allowed the measure to be voted upon in hopes of not disrupting the appropriations process.  Yes, by all means Paul, the redistribution of taxpayers’ confiscated wealth should take precedent over a draconian attempt to eradicate a heroic symbol of the country’s past.  Hopefully, Ryan will be ousted this November as both Speaker and Congressman for not only his consistent sell out to Obummer and the Democrats on the budget, but his lack of understanding and appreciation of what is arguably the most important period of American history.

In a certain sense, the Confederate flag should not be displayed in national cemeteries or for that matter flown alongside those of the Union.  The two are representations of dramatically opposed political ideologies.  Liberals and political opportunists of all sorts have deliberately smeared the South’s attempt at secession as being entirely over the issue of slavery.  The “Civil War” (which that struggle has become known by) is now seen through Politically Correct hindsight.


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2 Responses to Long Live the Flags of Dixie!

  1. Mark says:

    This is just another PC compliant, anti-common sense, them the inside beltway politicians -- stupid insult -- in a lengthening line of TONE DEAF decisions. It is my hope that Paul Ryan meets the same fate of Eric Cantor – and another stake is driven through another RINO – elitist heart by another unknown TEA Party Patriot.

  2. Average Joe says:

    House Squeaker Ryan grovels yet again. Does anyone know where he could buy some Viagra for the spine?

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