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I don’t know if MeWe will be effective for social media. I do know that Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are not acting in our best interests. I tried Gab but was not impressed. Their 100 contact limit without validating your email address was more than irritating since there was no information on how to validate it. I am giving MeWe a chance based on other recommendations. If you want to connect with me on MeWe, here is the link:

Here is the link for Appalachian Homesteaders Network:

Here is the link for NCFreedom:

If you have a MeWe account, post a comment with your information.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to MeWe Link

  1. Hadenoughalready says:

    I believe even Sean Hannity put in a plug for MeWe a few nights ago.

  2. Exring says:

    I just heard about MeWe and signed up. I clicked on the address you published and was given the message that it could not be found. I hope you check into this. I would hate to think the “powers that be” would have that much clout.

  3. Exring says:

    Thank you, again. I believe that there are many in this “Community” that are going to focus on change. The early ones such as yourself could do a lot to further this movement. It would seem that those that have control of the medium at this moment will be a few steps behind the “Pioneers” such as yourself and the word can spread through a recognized site such as yours. I think of the Partriot Nurse and “Right Angle”. Whether of not all seem to have exactly the same beliefs, they are similar enough to support the move away from those that believe they have a “strangle hold” on the information system. WRSA, The Burning Platform, Zero Hedge, etc might start to think about making the shift.

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