Michael Savage Turns on Trump, Says Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag Operation

Conservative talk show host, Michael Savage, who fervently supported Trump during the Presidential campaign, soured on him today. Savage, referencing his background in science, having a PhD in epidemiology, said the alleged gas attack in the ISIS controlled city of Idlib was most likely phosgene and not sarin.

Backing up his claim that the attack did not contain sarin, Savage made reference to photos showing first responders attending to bodies without gloves or protective gear. Had sarin been used in the attack, all of those men in white helmets would be dead.


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2 Responses to Michael Savage Turns on Trump, Says Syrian Gas Attack Was False Flag Operation

  1. LT says:

    Savage is absolutely correct -- Sarin is a semi-persistent chemical weapon which has a very high vapor-hazard. It is an oily, viscous liquid, NOT a “gas” as hollywood would have it.

    “Semi-persistent” meaning it can remain effective for days after being dispersed, perhaps as long as a week, depending upon conditions.

    “Vapor Hazard” means that the vapor content of Sarin in the air after an attack is sufficient to cause people subsequently entering the contaminated area to become casualties.

    Most notable is the fact that as little as 50-100 micrograms of Sarin is a lethal dose to 50% of those exposed (LCT50) -- a single microscopic drop of Sarin liquid transferred onto your exposed skin will nearly always result in death (99th percentile), unless decontamination begins immediately, and Atropine and 2PAM-Chloride are administered before or upon the development of first symptoms. Even with immediate decontamination and administration of palliative treatment, death is still the likely outcome of exposure.

    Some may say, “Well, aren’t there nerve agents which don’t have a vapor hazard? Maybe it was one of those.” Perhaps, but non-evaporative nerve agents such as VX (US) or Novichok-B [Новичок-B] (Russian) are carefully guarded military secrets because of their high persistence -- they can remain active for weeks or even months after disbursal, making them incredibly effective for ‘Terrain Denial’ to enemy forces. For that reason, neither the US nor Russia has ever transferred the technology to produce said non-evaporating nerve agents outside it’s own Military-Industrial complex. In short, “No, there’s no way Assad has such weapons”.

    The Sarin vapor hazard can be absorbed through the respiratory tract, mucous membranes (including the eyes), and even through intact skin -- therefore anyone entering a Sarin contaminated area with less than MOPP-4 protection (just google it) would themselves become casualties in short order -- with first symptoms appearing in 15 minutes to an hour, with death coming within 2 hours or less after the first symptoms become evident, even from the most “casual exposure” as would occur just quickly walking through the contaminated area, touching nothing along the way.

    Now elevate the situation for first-responders from that of a “casual exposure”, to that of a gross contamination exposure such as direct skin contact with contaminated victims, and contact with the liquid contamination on surrounding surfaces; under such conditions the first symptoms will come in just seconds, and death from gross exposure to Sarin can occur in 15 minutes or less, and is effectively beyond all treatment.

    None of the above is consistent with the actions of the first-responders and the outcomes which are so clearly exhibited in the videos and photos, as I commented to family and friends on the day of the attack.

    So, the first question is, “Who’s lying?”

    Which invariably leads us to the second question, which is “Why?”

  2. lon a follower says:

    This is difficult, there are and have been so many lies, and reactions to lies.
    As you are so fond of stating, we have been warned.” Perpetual war seems to be the agenda. Turning us against one another is also a certainty if we allow it. We must be willing to seek the Truth and accept what we find. The Truth is in the middle of all conflicts.
    The diseased roots run deep.

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