Moccasin Creek Minutemen Alert

On January 16th, the Moccasin Creek Minutemen will meet with Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison. He will be outlining his position on the 2nd amendment and any infringements of our rights by the federal government.

Fargo Cattle Co Steakhouse
1007 Shepard School Road
Zebulon, NC 27597
Wednesday, January 16th, 2013
7:00 PM

Visit the Moccasin Creek Minutemen site for more information.


David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to Moccasin Creek Minutemen Alert

  1. Hans says:

    This venue sucks for a “2A Discussion”.

    The Sheriff needs to stand in front of an audience of openly armed and determined individuals.


  2. Knitebane says:

    A meeting about 2nd amendment rights in a victim disarmament zone?


  3. Knitebane says:

    As it turns out it’s only a victim disarmament zone inside the restaurant. In a message on the NCGO forum a GRNC rep said the meeting will be held in the parking lot.

    • David says:

      The meeting is in the restaurant in an enclosed area. Tom Rhyne from GRNC will be speaking at the meeting. As for this being a victim disarmament zone, you can thank Skip Stam and Apadaca (both GOP) for not passing legislation allowing people to open carry in a restaurant serving alcohol.

      • Knitebane says:

        Stam and Apodaca didn’t schedule the meeting in a restaurant that serves alcohol.

        The meeting room holds 55. What is to be done with the other hundred people that are coming?

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