More About The Las Vegas Shootings

The following analysis concerning the Las Vegas shooting asks the right questions and bypasses the media’s and government’s narrative. Instead of more closure, this past week only saw more inconsistencies emerge. The following article by Chuck Baldwin is lengthy but I encourage you to read the entire piece.

David DeGerolamo

h/t John P


If there was more than one shooter, the only thing that makes sense to me is that it had to be a professional dark ops government action. “Whose government?” you ask. There are only three governments that have the resources to successfully pull off a shooting of this magnitude and completely escape detection inside the continental United States—only three: America’s CIA, British MI6, and the Israeli Mossad. That’s it. Plus, the presence of “spy cameras” in Paddock’s room strongly indicates the presence of spooks. This is almost standard procedure for covert ops and suggests a degree of sophistication in this operation that I cannot imagine Stephen Paddock would have. Forget ISIS and all that claptrap. If there were multiple shooters (of which all but one have completely disappeared, and no one in law enforcement is even looking for them), it could only be carried out by one of—or a consortium of—these three governments.

I realize that it is extremely difficult (and uncomfortable) for people to accept the possibility that elements within our own government could be capable of such an atrocity as the shootings in Las Vegas. But any government that has no qualms about murdering tens of millions of unborn babies; any government that has no qualms about murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people around the world in unprovoked, preemptive drone attacks, missile attacks, bombings, assassinations, and illegal dark operations; and any government that would callously send young Americans into these battlefield meat grinders to fight and die for the sake of wars for profit, nation-building, and political power-brokering is capable of ANYTHING.


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2 Responses to More About The Las Vegas Shootings

  1. JTwig says:

    My thought as soon as this happened and some of the “shooter’s” background started to come out is he was a retired spook (or at least a spook trained criminal, which is just a spook with built-in deniablilty).

  2. Pink_Vapor says:

    It seems a simple task would be to locate bullet holes and place dowels/pencils in them.
    Do they all point to the same place?

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