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5 Responses to Murika

  1. I hope so. I just started reading Taylor Caldwell’s “The Devil’s Advocate”, written in 1952. Like Rand and Orwell, the scenario he builds in the first hundred pages is eerily accurate. I feel the only way the ship will be righted is via conflict….

  2. Mark says:

    The more you sweat in PREP the less you’ll bleed in CIVIL WAR 2!

    It is inevitable…
    Semper FI

  3. LT says:

    Accepting the inevitability of this conflict is the first step towards being prepared for it.

    Twelve years after accepting the inevitability of it, I’m still not as prepared as I’d like to be; but at this point, I’m better off than 99.99% of the population of North America.

    What amazes me is that so very many *refuse to even consider the possibility* that the perpetual ‘Everything is Awesome’ broadcast by the .gov and MSM is not only false, but that it is a purposeful lie…

    The apparent prosperity which our society has enjoyed for the majority of the last 55 years, has not been a blessing; it has been the manure in which our ignorance and appathy as a people has grown to astounding proportions.

    And as with all such errors, we shall be held accountable by the laws of nature which He has ordained; for God is not deceived, neither is He turned from His purpose; and what He has promised, He shall deliver -mercy unto goodness, and judgement unto all; and none shall be exempt from that which is decreed… but he who stands firm unto the end, shall be saved.


  4. Quiet One says:

    Oh, there will be refugees from ‘Murika this time around… those commies, muslims, and others whom are incompatible with our society and proper way of life, those few with the resources and essential fear sufficient to cause them to flee before they become victims of the civil war which they have caused…

  5. J Dubya says:

    The ones who have renounced their U.S. citizenship and fled to other countries and those who will do so between now and CW2, may as well just STAY gone. Because, if we’re able to right this ship again, they will NOT be welcome back here.

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