Pale Rider

Pale Rider.

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  1. Average Joe says:

    Anti-racist is code word for anti-White.

    There, indeed, is nothing new under the sun. The natural affection God placed in man after the separation of the people at the tower of Babel is and, until God changes it, shall remain a fact of life. While man may follow the dictates of the godless communist ideology, that natural affection does not or should not exist, evidence shows it remains. We are merely seeing it played out as other men seek to impose their dominance, with the problem of White men for the most part, being the refusal to accept it and respond accordingly, in accordance with God’s will for man.

    I have often speculated that it is most likely a result of our breaking the covenant with God, to carry forward the Gospel of Christ, when the country was founded. For we are indeed seeing the Song of Moses, and therefore the glory of God, played out before our eyes.

    Average Joe

    • Bill says:

      WE are witnessing the end of this age before our very eyes and the fallen Angels which were bound up by God are now released out of the bottomless pit to go out into the four corners of the earth to try destroy Gods people ( which cannot happen ) and this is why we are witnessing so much vile and putrid wickedness. Joe, we are at the end of time so we must all look up and wait for his return, there is nothing we will be able to do to stop this wicked madness , it must play out before God and his Angelic Host as well as the saints that have preceded us and are in heaven. God has a plan and it must come to full term, and we must wait on the Lord.

      • Average Joe says:

        Even if true, the faithful are stilled called to His service, for there are yet many battles to be fought both spiritual and physical.

        Having enjoyed the opportunity to attend the inauguration of Justice Newby to the N.C. Supreme Court a few years back, one of the speakers made a comment that still rings in my ears….

        “The duty is ours, the result’s God’s.”

        Let us take up the banner and ever carry it forward.

        Average Joe

        • Bill says:

          Joe, yes it is our duty to continue to bring the Gospel , but there will be an end, and when it comes we all must be ready. All the signs are here and they all have converged together, so we are witnessing the end before our eyes, now the question is, will Gods people listen and obey..

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