Patriot Network Summit 2018

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4 Responses to Patriot Network Summit 2018

  1. Hans says:

    Nope … won’t go to Facebook to find out more about your event.

    Establish a web presence away from the collectivist sanctuary and I’ll take you seriously.

    • David says:

      It is not my event. Just helping spread the word.

      • Hans says:

        Wasn’t criticising you, sir, just the promotional vehicle.

        • David says:

          I have been thinking about the different means available to spread a message, event or information. The cheapest route in terms of time, money and knowledge is Facebook. WordPress and some other companies offer free websites if you include their name as part of your site’s name. Most people don’t know about that option and/or have the knowledge to maintain it.

          I must admit that I love posting on Facebook to see how many buttons I can push without a warning or 30 day “timeout”.

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