Sarah Hoyt: Of Conservatives And Conventions

I became aware that something was going on between ConCarolinas (a science fiction convention in Charlotte) and my friend John Ringo, in a tiny private group on Facebook.  This is literally the group for my innermost circle, the people I trust.

They were talking about Ringo being Mau-Maued out of ConCarolinas.

I perked my ears up at this, first because of course, ConCarolinas has been a Baen adjacent con, meaning that Baen authors have more or less always attended, and I’ve heard stories of “so we were at con Carolinas, when—” and second because I lived in Charlotte for seven years and still have friends there.

It’s been known for years – as long as I’ve been published in SF/F – that conservatives get invited to be guests of honor at conventions far less often than leftists in SF/F and infinitely less than red-diaper-babies in SF/F, but ConCarolinas seemed like a weird place for a conflagration of snowflakism.

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I do not know how many people know who John Ringo is that are reading this post. My only negatives concerning Mr. Ringo are the amount of money that I have spent buying his books and downloading Cruxshadows’ songs. Tyler Vernon. Faith Smith. Michael O’Neal. No library would be complete without his novels.

I hope one day to meet him in person but obviously it will not be this year. Another victory for SJWs since ConCarolinas disinvited him. And another loss for his faithful readers. Chattanooga is less than two hours away so I have hope that Mr. Ringo will be doing some public events in the future and that I will meet him between the here and the there.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Fran Porretto

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  1. Edgar says:

    i like his books !!!

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