Scientists Warn Of Pandemic Potential: First Case of H7N9 Human To Human Transmission Reported


Flu virus H7N9

There are numerous scenarios that we can discuss in the context of civilization ending events. These include exo-planetary events like asteroid collisions and X-class solar flares, as well as earth bound threats like nuclear war and viral contagion (naturally occurring or weaponized). They are outliers to be sure, but history proves that they can (and will) happen. And when they do, all hell breaks loose. The possibility of an out of control viral contagion spreading to all corners of the earth and wiping out large population centers is becoming more and more probable.

There are various viruses out there that we know  will kill millions of we don’t keep them locked away in Bio Safety Level 4 containment labs. Then there are those that are seemingly benign… until they mutate.

That’s what’s happening with the H7N9 virus, first identified in China earlier this year. We warned our readers several months ago that there was a serious potential for human to human transmission after the virus reportedly went airborne. Though those reports came directly from Chinese researchers, not many people considered the threat significant, perhaps because the assessment originated in non-western medical facilities.

Now, western researchers at The British Medical Journal have provided confirmation of this, and scientists are warning that the spread of the virus could continue.

For all we know it has already made its way to North America. Keep an eye on this one and be aware of potential flu outbreaks in your city or region.

By the time government emergency agencies issue alerts it’ll be too late to contain, so have a pandemic preparedness plan in place and be ready to activate it if you suspect something has gone terribly wrong.


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