The Consequences of Diversity

The strength of our country was our unity: The United States of America. I will not go into how this unity was turned into an abomination under the tyrant Lincoln and the illegal ratification of the 14th Amendment. I do want to show how this country’s demise has been orchestrated by domestic enemies. Whether the enemy is George Soros, the Deep State, Communists, Muslims or a combination, the net effect is the same. And history shows that their end game results in genocide.

If unity was our strength and the plan was to destroy it, what is the opposite of unity? The antonym of unity is diversity. By dividing our country along labels du jour, our “leaders” have appeased both their political aspirations as well as empowering our enemies. As is now apparent by the stances taken supporting Obamacare and illegal aliens by the Republican Party, we have one political party. These political elites do not represent the people; they represent the destruction of the Great Experiment.

As shown in the above video, useful idiots come in all sizes and pay grades. The attacks on President Trump concerning Russia have faded. The current attack on our culture is now based on White Supremacy. This label too is fading quickly as even the media and Democrats have to agree that antifah is a terrorist organization. Of course the efforts in Texas by Americans helping Americans has effectively marginalized this label. Whatever the next label will be, it will only be effective if we allow it.

David DeGerolamo

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