“The Law” as Ruse

Rightful Law is a society’s definition of “what constitutes an offense, against which an individual or group may defend itself .”   Rightful Liberty is everything which is not a violation of Rightful Law.

“The Law” in every rightful sense, does not directly protect one individual from another, nor does it directly protect any individual or group from another group, nor from the government which administers said law.  Any assertion to the contrary is pure hubris.  Even more ridiculous is the proposition, so popular today, that “The Law” can or should protect an individual or group from its own ignorance, cupidity, carelessness, or irresponsibility.

“The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of law, where there is no law, there is no freedom.”  –  John Locke

Our founding fathers did not give us a body of laws with a promise to protect us from anything.  “The Law” was never intended to be more complex than the average man could comprehend, nor was it ever intended to be burdensome upon any man of sound reason.  Of a certainty, they did not intend “The Law” to be a contrivance by which one class of people could wring social power and/or financial gains from the rest of society.

Nor did they presume to possess any dominion of law against ignorance, idiocy, cupidity, or carelessness – they knew that a greater LAW was already in place to address such issues.  What they gave us was a clear, simple set of laws establishing a minimum set of standards to which we all could adhere, and without the necessity of a graduate degree in “The Law”, or the issuance of a costly retainer paid to someone who has wasted their lives in the pursuit of such “learning”.

Our founding fathers did not usurp the authority of God, the singular issuer of rights – What they gave was their best definition of what our God-given rights are, and a set of defined means by which to defend them in various circumstances, both as individuals and as a society.

What has been imposed upon us is REGULATION and CONTROL, under color of law. 

That they call it “The Law” is as meaningless as if I were to call cow-pats “Gold”.  The issuance of volume upon volume of complex, circuitous, temeritous, and frequently contradictory regulations under color of law is, of itself, a violation of rightful law.  That we permit such to stand is our own fault and failing, for even Rightful Law does not protect us from our own failure to act in defense of our rights.

In the coming days, expect those with ill intents to impose their “Law” upon us with the most violent and unrepentant savagery imaginable.  Anything short of instantaneous and enthusiastic compliance with even trivial directives will be subject to immediate acts of arbitrary and capricious punishment by those acting under color of authority.

Our rights are now, and always have been, our own responsibility to assert and to defend.  The sooner we begin defending our rights, the sooner we will achieve their restoration…

~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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