The Next Battle of Athens is Coming

It has been said many times that 2A is “the right which must not be violated”, the final line in the sand at which all Americans will fight.  I believe we are about to see that line crossed, by an executive fiat with no basis in law.

To every America I say,”Let TPTB know that you will stand – if there is an EO, immediately go out and parade visibly with your arms, and do not hesitate to stand firm against any effort to infringe.  Our God-given rights are inviolate, and those who would abrogate them are but criminals.  Be strong, Stand firm, and entreat Providence that the just rule of law may prevail.”

Stand your ground.  Don’t fire unless fired upon.  But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.
– John Parker

History shall remember with gratitude those who stand, as surely as she despises those who usurp Rightful Liberty.

~Bring rope, we’re having a hangin’ party!

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3 Responses to The Next Battle of Athens is Coming

  1. Sgt. C says:

    Remember those elected that DO stand with us. Renee was elected along with (not enough!) others who believed in the Tea Parties message.

    Ellmers plans to carry gun in public

    • David says:

      According to the latest printed copy of the Carolina Journal, Ellmers’ position on gun control legislation. If you go to her website (, there is no mention of the 2nd amendment or gun control. When was the last time she had a town hall meeting? Ellmers is and always was a disappointment. Another GOP hack out for personal glory.

  2. Sgt. C says:

    Well, I cant find the Carolina Journal page, so I left this on her email message form

    Dear Congresswoman Ellmers, I know the WRAL article is two+ years old, but I wonder if you have any plans to re-affirm your CCW status in any public venue or forum. Also, many legislators have publically ‘come out’ for or against any proposed legislation regarding 2nd amendment rights. Do you have any plans to do so? I believe the present time would be a good time!. Consider, it would bolster your reputation as being committed to ‘bucking the tide’ of unpopular Washington ‘directives’ or possible executive orders’…Not to mention, after this Tuesday when V.P. Biden makes his announcements concerning any changes he & the President plan to implement. I do so hope you have a prepared response, and knowing how you have voted in the past, look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank You!

    Guess I’ll find out just where she stands…Who knows. I’d like to believe someone we elected would stand up for us.

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