The pResident’s Dubious Universe of Awareness

It’s the famous Washington question: What did the President know, and when did he know it?

Well, if you ask the Obama administration, the answer — to an alarming degree — is “nothing” and “never.” That is, about anything that matters. It’s profoundly unsettling to compare the issues of which the President is reportedly unaware with the matters in which, it’s clear, he demonstrates a high degree of both awareness and interest. Consider the following:

The President was unaware the NSA was spying on world leaders.

He was unaware of the problems with the ObamaCare web site.

He was unaware that ICE was releasing illegal immigrants before the sequester.

He was unaware that the IRS was targeting his political opponents.

He was unaware that anyone had been blocked from testifying about Benghazi.

He was unaware that officials in Libya had requested more security before the attacks.

He was unaware that his DOJ was snooping on reporters.


h/t Roger

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