The Real Danger

Modern Educayshun


We can learn from history. We know the cliche about those doomed to repeat it. The real danger is that the educational system is the key to revolutions and civil wars. It does not matter if the insurrection is successful. In fact, our “children” are usually directed (or misdirected) by people using them for their own purposes. In our case, the government is manipulating them on multiple levels to start civil unrest leading to martial law.

It is easy to become a social justice warrior when your teachers and professors depend on enslaving their students with unmanageable student debt for their own livelihood and personal agendas. Especially once the government took over all student loans and made it a “right” to have a college education. Especially with a degree that is not necessary or even worthwhile.

We see how this is playing out in Missouri but don’t worry, it will spread quickly. Feelings will replace intellectual analysis and perceived “rights” will supersede rational behavior.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Matt Bracken

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8 Responses to The Real Danger

  1. JMarshalek says:


  2. Phil says:

    we need to forcefully take back our education system from the federal governments rule and in most cases from the state also. Schools need to be placed under full control of the local counties In which they are located, and the states job is to enforce that all curriculums are enforced with morals and ethics as to what our founders wanted it to be.

  3. Red says:

    Cant stop the whacko signal. But you can kill them when they attack you. Bullets trump ideas in the short term. Better ideas win in the end (I’m cautiously optimistic)

    • Phil says:

      Iam sorry to say but you are right , the only way this will truly end is with a civil war and the use of bullets against an out of control Bolshevik government and its bureaucracy and also against the lunatics in the progressive party which are every democrat. unless the people get rid of this vermin nothing will ever change.

  4. JMarshalek says:

    I showed this video to the guys at work first. They thought it was exaggerated until I then had them watch “ConcernedStudents 1950.” It was a powerful teaching moment. It was like the light was turned on finally.

  5. LT says:

    When the young are effectively pitted against their elders, the destruction of society is assured. In this instance, the transmission of knowledge and standards of conduct through education, has been supplanted by the deification of “feelings” and the ritualistic resentment of *all* the “old standards” which made the continuation of our society possible.

    Ask yourself only this -- who is responsible for the architecture of our destruction, and what do they intend to build from the rubble of our ruined society?

    Knowing the answer to this question will cause you to take up arms…

    • Phil says:

      remember what that marxist slug who is married to obama the sodomite said, we are going to have change everything about our nation, institutions, laws, traditions and even the way we speak. this is what they have done to our nation . it’s the evil from within and from outside what type of world do you think it will be when the last nail is put into the top of the coffin. just look around and think about it being 500% times worse. better to die for freedom and our founding document then having to live under the rule of despots, liars, terrorists, racists, haters of good, etc. we might as well take as many out as we can when the time comes and no matter where we are at.

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